Friday, April 8, 2011

war dink.

"kinetic military action." this is what the word masters of the obama white house call military action. with the word kinetic on the front. one surmises that this is to distinguish it from "potential military action," which is not military action. two possible explanations for this redundancy impinge the noggin. obama does not see the word action as enough of an action word. needs to punch it up. or, obama is unable to distinguish between action and inaction, and needs a "special" word to tell him shit is gonna get movin' around. that particular dyslexia explains a lot, actually.

anyway, obama went n' complicated shit up here, "military action" or possibly "military police action" used to be the chosen pentospeak phrase for undeclared and usually illegal war. until that fuckin' obama had to add another, entirely redundant word. that is what he does best. but the obama administration has fixed the communication problem introduced by having to mention the word "war." bummer stigma. and frankly, there's the legal thing they'd rather not get into. "war" get's all heavy and serious, when, really, ya just wanna take out this one guy. one pain in the fukkin ass. that's it. can't be callin' that a war now, can we? nope.  KMA is what we got here folks.

on the plus side, and perhaps this will part of obama's legacy,  WAR --> KMA. and declarations of KMA are not addressed in the Constitution. so, yipee ki yay muthafuckaaaaaazz.

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