Tuesday, April 26, 2011

libyan mystery tour

man o man is it ever easy to get a fukkin war goin' these days. no congress. no real enemy, no nuthin', just fuckin' go. the un practically demands it. an easy bake oven: pop a few ingredients in there, turn some diplomatic knobs up a couple notches, and poof, in a matter of minutes, out pops a hot yummy war. hell, all ya really got to do is start off with some half-assed, quarter-assed, humanitarian intervention disaster in the waiting, which are all over the freakin' place. pretty much guarantees full entry for the war machine these days. think of it as america's jobs program for the twenty first century.

trusty battleship USS Grey Lady is steaming out of port, spewing a fit to print black cloud of war smoke, calling nato a joke and let's please stop pretending. and stop fukkin around obama. do it. you know you want to.  laws, rules be damned. of course, since we're in anyway, if we leave, why that maniac gadaffi will unleash a slaughter upon the land. definitely cannot have that.  we've spent a lot of time convincing everyone that gadaffi is a murderous nutjob.  we. are. in. go big.

never can figure out if obama is fucking around. cuz he sure acts like a guy who can't shit without messin' himself. but we are told he is so clever.  which can only mean that obama actually wants his own war -- his very very own -- one unbesmirched by the previous pack of dolts and idiots. but he has to make it look like others make him do it. look reluctant to go to war.  which is vital when one is a Nobel Peace Laureate.  don't wanna give that back.  nope. can't really stomp around, gettin' all anxious 'bout gettin' a bit o' the ol' ultraviolence with that peace achor hangin' around your neck, a dead useless weight, spoilin' the fun. so, a charade is enacted, one providing minimal cover for the Peace Laureate, when the gruesome fact is that the world's Peace Laureate is actually totally jazzed about bombing the shit out of libya and taking it over.  cuz this time, with obama being so eleven dimensional smart n' all, why this time, he'll get it right!

so, what is it? fuck up, or 11-D war whore dominatrix?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


libya is now a shared object library, providing various users with any number of functional excuses for KMA. the expected creep is taking hold.  sarkozy is struttin' his damned best bush, as good a bush as bush could ever manage.  sarkozy actually strode to the mike, grinning, to announce his attack.  ha ha ha. and now? now the dipshit fran├žaise "pledged to intensify French airstrikes." team france, fuck yeah!  but the sad way. the french. you know. 'cept for sarkozy. he's all wound up on the juice.

more though. boots on the ground, comin' to a libyan a long way from you. "liason" they call 'em. there for training those feckless dolts, er, uh, "help the makeshift rebel forces 'improve their military organizational structures, communications and logistics.' " see. totally benign. just helpin' out those poor disheveled devils.

after sometime, the training will prove worthless, and then, well, you know, we had to go in with our actual boots.  yes, it contravenes the un thingy.  we can live with that. had to go.  those guys? mait. worse than useless. barely keep 'em from shootin' each other. they drive around aimlessly, shooting into the air. one asshole shot an rpg backwards and took out a school bus. didn't think bein' that dumb was possible. well, you know how these things go. just have to show the swarthies how to get things done.

the libyan charade now appears to be more about the west not backing off for fear of "losing" or more aptly looking like they are losing. 'bama, 'kozy, they've all stated the aim: qaddafi must go. can't back down from that. world police.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bachmann jesus overdrive

in what appears to be not just acceptable political rhetoric, but fixed and dipshit hardened, like uber fukkin supremo dipshit michelle bachmann is, which is a lot, guess what counts as a campaign signaler in america? if ya didn't guess jeesuz, well, where the fuckuhya been?
Recounting the story of a woman who was criticized for pouring an expensive fragrant ointment over Jesus’ head, Bachmann said “[w]e should pour ourselves out for Jesus” and recounted, in what had the feel of a campaign speech, ...
 ... tzchzcht uh, negatory Dawson radio, got no idea what the fuck "pouring" yourself out for jesus means.

sounds all fukkin christian 'n shit, though, don't it? sure does. that's gotta sell.  in the run to be the pouring out president of the united jesustates. see how all blends?

Monday, April 18, 2011

precog cog

readin' about this COG monstrosity. wow, quite an edifice the buggers have built for themselves, so protectin' n' all.  a secret society subdural hematoma of plans and bunkers and on-the-fly law writing schemes to save their asses and restore, well, them. can't keep the levees in shape but by gawd they sure can stuff 20 bills at cheney's dark lairs -- the only real cog that mattered in any of those sites, post 9/11. more like COUGH -- continuity of u gawdamned hustlers. pretty much confirms that, indeed, cheney just took over, bush conveniently out of the loop and a long way away in kindergarten, where he belonged.

as stunning as the plans to cover and save their own asses are, it's the wild eyed yet oddly limited imaginings that begin to take hold. pretty much all about them. oh, and the calm they will bring the american public by their mere presence and authority. for instance,
"The Bush-era COG plans were based on the commonsense premise that no post-disaster government would be legitimate unless people perceived it to be a valid expression of their will ..."
uh, hellooo? people don't perceive that now. they don't need a "post-disaster government" to perceive illegitimacy, because they have a full blown "disaster government" right now, complete with fully perceived illegitimacy. the cog machine can't imagine that america or the world could live without their wise and munificent sangfroid strutting and fretting upon the world stage. a world without the american political class. actually, one imagines such joy quite easily, if not routinely.

plans. there is a prevailing wisdom about plans. and it is not good for plans. it seems entirely bizarre that these guys imagine being wiped out in significant numbers and expect there to be some governable population remaining. if the way things are going keep going the way they are going, it could very well be that it will be that very same population that will be wiping their asses out. an imagined "best case scenario." more joy.

doubt they have a plan for that.

don't matter. the security state must plan to save itself, like congress gettin' wiped out, and the executive branch havin' to take over ... everything.  that'd be shame, but they do have a plan for it. comm links and command bunkers upgraded and rarin' to go.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the glut and the glory

got the kicks for this gawdamned keystone xl pipe now.  cursed.  diggin' round, trying to answer the question of "why?" why the pipeline, and why now?  didn't take long to find out.

there is a glut of oil in the united states.  midwest refineries cannot handle all the tar sands oil pouring in now from two pipelines.  that's right, a glut of oil in the american heartland.  a glut so bad, the oil sands corporations and the canucks are taking a ten per cent haircut, losing twelve to eighteen bucks a barrel. not happy, that bunch. not happy about that at all. the american refineries are the bottleneck, and the xl is supposed to widen distribution and get more oil refined, or shipped to wider world markets.  meanwhile, as more oil pours into the united states than it can handle, forcing a price cut on suppliers, americans are still enjoying rocketing gas prices, based on the price of oil that is not the oil sitting right there in their backyard. then, the idiot man-boy obama says that maybe that dirty tar sands oil ain't so good after all.  the "stakeholders" are like, fucking what? you assholes wanted all this goddamn oil, and now you don't? of course, they do. this is what obama does. he makes big bold-ish statements, and then slinks away, hoping no one will notice.  which is stupid, because everyone notices.

so, that's the low down on the xl pipe; things are bunged up, obama's there, gumming up the works and stalling the inevitable, as usual.  guess that's supposed to make his administration look pensive 'r sum shit. it's at this point, however,  that the mind also begins to question the efficiencies of those lauded privateers, those titans of superfluid free market industry.  bottleneck. couldn't see that comin'.  nope.  seems that free market doesn't look too far ahead. buildin' a bunch oil pipes and punching that go goo into the yooessofehh. oops. forgot about that whole refining capacity thing. more pipes will fix that! this is eerily familiar territory: what? war not working? clearly then, more of it!

lest one imagine that this is part of some long term scheme to deliberately drive down oil prices on the canadians, well, let's just say, doubtful. highly doubtful.  so doubtful, in fact, that the canadians have decided that they can't trust the yanks to get their shit together anytime soon and want to build a pipeline to supply china via the west coast.  much shorter, but way worse terrain (or beautiful in non oil pipeline contexts). first nations, definitely gonna howl.  hell, those radical environmental puppets (see below) are howling already.  for all the howling about what the oil industry wants to do, it sports a rather remarkable record for getting just what it wants anyway.

anyway ... what the hell  ... oh yeah, china, pipeline.  yeah, canucks are shopping the oil sands around.  can't be trusting those damn yankees.  plan to screw us or just the usual bungling, whatever, fuck them.  china wants the oil, of course, but detests all the hassle introduced by those blasted natives and their protests about the pipeline.  'cause ya know what they do in china.  they just pick up your ass and move it.  china feels very embarrassed by the quibbling. at best, all theses plans will only be delayed, because alberta now is being sold as the saudi arabia neighbour the united states have always deserved: friendly, next door, not muslim, practically empty and ripe for the taking, blinded by oil wealth, though a bit too conscious of their native population. hell, don't even have to invade, just shovel the shit at us. for their part, the canadians just want an out from a less than trustworthy neighbour. from a long way off, this whole scene is a ghastly hilarity; the americans are buying up canada's oil and water, and the canadians are happily shoveling everything to them. the unique insight for the oil blind canadians is that they've realized they should continue to drain their land and befoul their wilderness and keep shoveling those precious goods to somebody else, too.

naturally enough, this little dither round that regionalized energy sector space would most assuredly fall upon the oil patch baptized pages of the calgary herald. it's like fox news in print, at least when it comes to discussions about the tar sands.  albertans are rather touchy about it, i've been surprised to learn. surprising how ungreen one gets when the billions are pouring in. foxtrotting in tone and stance, one holding to a global hoaxer conspiracy of "climate change" as absolute fucking fact, some boiling albertan roundhouses all the nay sayers of the pipeline, such as those nefarious and "well-funded environmental radicals" and "big money environmental groups."  indeed. i was not aware that there was "big money" in environmentalism.  if we could only figure out who the hell all these "big money" environmental groups are, that would be start. soros. he's in there. somewhere. that's what bill o'reilly would tell canadians. and gawdonlynoes what evil lurks in those dark green hearts, known to be "using Canadian aboriginal groups as puppets." what nerve. using aboriginal groups to protect their own native lands.  dastardly!  did you know that obama adheres to "draconian action on climate change," and yet, and thank goodness, "President Obama did not mention climate change either in his State of the Union speech or at yesterday's press conference"? stealth draconian.

in the alternative energy world of the herald and other boiling albertans, "climate science is collapsing," which seems to indicate that this particular boiling albertan is rather behind the curve, surely a "climate gate" ruminant, convinced that the appearance of the word "trick" in an email between scientists is proof, proof! of a global climate caliphate of egghead puppeteers intent on defunding industrial society.

by the end of the steam letting, the boiling albertan heaves a sigh of relief for middle east turmoil, happy in the knowledge that the kindly canadians won't ever put up a fuss about gouging and befouling their own lands in order to keep the american behemoth sputtering on two cylinders, driving and shopping. that's oil patch gold. that's oil patch glory.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

fed r rated

matt's onna nother tear: free money for filthy rich people.  headline news apparently. he digs into the easy tax payer money shenanigans of a cupula wall street twat hangers, cashing in on the Fed for rich people bailout bonanza. one, the partner in crime of morgan stanley's john mack. the other, widow of a now dead president of morgan stanley. cashed in pretty good, by the looka things.

fed was shoveling money at everyone, foreign auto makers even as congress is howling about bailing out gm and chrysler.  weird, matt thinks this. matt stumbles a bit on credulity when he says,
the Fed's massive purchases of securities in foreign automakers, including BMW, Volkswagen, Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan? Or the nearly $5 billion in cheap credit the Fed extended to Toyota and Mitsubishi? Sure, those companies have factories and dealerships in the U.S. — but does it really make sense to give them free cash at the same time taxpayers were being asked to bail out Chrysler and GM? Seems a little crazy to fund the competition of the very automakers you're trying to rescue.
let us all recall those heady and shout filled days of the auto bailout. fun, i know. the busting of the auto unions was on full throttle, republican senators and 'gressers hooping a battle cry against the last vestigial organ of once powerful organized labour: the american auto industry. happily, many of those same said republican senators and congressmen represented states  and districts that host production plants of those very same, and blessedly non-unionized, "foreign automakers."

so, no matt, it ain't crazy for the Fed to do this.  it does indeed look crazy,  which is great.  when people think that, they give up on the question of why.

but face it.  they all want to bust the unions.  all of them. it's the forefront and fashion these days, and even the Fed will take a shy stroll down the cat walk.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

silver surfer and the magic kingdom

isn't it fun? watching what those americans call their "elections"? funny, in a sad, yet ultimately deadly way. american elections are like watching groundhog day, where, every morning after, new votes pop up like a shadowless rodent, over and over again, and swing the election decisively in favour of ... the republican.  elections, as a term, is hardly applicable, but we are encumbered thusly by the strictures of tradition, myth, and jaw dropping ignorance about the electoral system of the united states.

what is fun about the american election is watching all those republican votes magically pop up in the night, like conservative turd-fertilized ballot shrooms, to be brought forth into the light of a new and ferociously democratic sun.  rejoice at these newly found votes. they shall nourish and sustain us. fret not their provenance, for we are with god.

okay, they don't actually say that last part, but that's what a lot of 'em think. one of the remarkable semi-buried truths of american politics is the control of the us electoral system by private corporations, Diebold cum Premier, ES&S, Sequoia, all owned and operated by avowed, if not near rabid christian fundamentalists who see it their duty to "save the babies" and run the country with the ten commandments and that's it.  and they really don't give a shit about democracy. and it ain't just the machine owners; the nutjobs and lackeys are drilled down and embedded at the county level, as this little episode in wisconsin so fruitfully demonstrated.

what? didn't hear about this? New York Chimes not telling you any of this? nope. spend what little time they do attacking anyone questioning the integrity of elections in the greatest democracy in the world! can't have that.  in the american media, well, what we have here is just adorable fuddled-up bungling. that's real, human democracy, fulla mistakes. all having to be corrected to the republican way.  two days after the election, a shady repub county hack squirts +norecount number of votes out of her ass and onto the guy she used to work for, and there's nate "the establishment date" silver, now in the hallowed pages of the new york times, showing everyone why this is entirely reasonable. what a fukkin buffoon.  silver bases all of this nuttin-funny-here "analysis" on turnout, and only turnout, on already jiggered election results -- never addressing the distribution of the votes -- and entirely ignoring the fact that there is literally no way to know where the votes came from.  for all we know, the dipshit clerk could have given prosser 100% of the vote, and nate silver's kindergarten analysis wouldn't have noticed a thing. from poker dope bluffs to election shenanigan cover-ups in the pages of the new york print fit times.  nate is trending establishment up, and with a statistical silver lining.

the us hasn't seen anything approaching a reasonable election since two grand. rube nate doesn't seem to understand this, or does and pretends otherwise.  it may have been that he has even argued against the fact that the electoral system is completely compromised. does he not know this? if not, why not?

oh fuck, who should care about the drip nate? what we out here in the real world want to know is, will the magical appearance of just the right amount of votes to give prosser the "win" without the annoyance and cost of a recount be enough to bring the whole gop-xtian electoral conspiracy to light?

doesn't appear so. magic votes count in the magic kingdom.


ol rozoff is pilin' up the shit about nato movin' in on africa, pulled there by the relentless us military monster via africom. i quite enjoy rick's fresh and assailing perspective. it's kinda like reading about the russians in american media, always up to some shifty eyed, vestigial commie plot, except, rozof's stories are actually true. nato and africom and monstercom are doing this shit, right in front us, and all day and every day long. wars and ops in central asia, occupations in the middle east, missile sites planned to encircle russia and china, reactivation of the fourth fleet, wars games with like minded fools all over the damn globe, and now it's time to stomp on a few uncooperative twerps in africa.  thank goodness for that revolutionary spirit!

there are, or soon to be were, only five nations in africa that have not signed nato alliance or cooperation deals. not oddly at all, two of those five nations are currently under nato attack.  for humanitarian reasons, of course. or to install a guy who used to work for the IMF as some internationally recognized leader, by the un security council no less! and humanitarian reasons. the three dawdlers, eritrea, sudan, and zimbabwe, well, as you can certainly tell by your own cynical chuckle, those dullards have already been pegged to the board. years long support for the spla has finally paid dividends with the look of session by south sudan. privatize is the oil play, forcing china into a mix of competitors. china gained by that in iraq, will loose a lot in sudan. mugabe has been on the skewer for awhile now, turning slowly. and eritriea? doubt anyone gives a fuck. china will certainly object to any fiddling in sudan, but then, that is one of the points.

rename?  anyone?

Friday, April 8, 2011

war dink.

"kinetic military action." this is what the word masters of the obama white house call military action. with the word kinetic on the front. one surmises that this is to distinguish it from "potential military action," which is not military action. two possible explanations for this redundancy impinge the noggin. obama does not see the word action as enough of an action word. needs to punch it up. or, obama is unable to distinguish between action and inaction, and needs a "special" word to tell him shit is gonna get movin' around. that particular dyslexia explains a lot, actually.

anyway, obama went n' complicated shit up here, "military action" or possibly "military police action" used to be the chosen pentospeak phrase for undeclared and usually illegal war. until that fuckin' obama had to add another, entirely redundant word. that is what he does best. but the obama administration has fixed the communication problem introduced by having to mention the word "war." bummer stigma. and frankly, there's the legal thing they'd rather not get into. "war" get's all heavy and serious, when, really, ya just wanna take out this one guy. one pain in the fukkin ass. that's it. can't be callin' that a war now, can we? nope.  KMA is what we got here folks.

on the plus side, and perhaps this will part of obama's legacy,  WAR --> KMA. and declarations of KMA are not addressed in the Constitution. so, yipee ki yay muthafuckaaaaaazz.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a court of little regard

well, i can scarcely believe it. did you know there was a civil action by a pentagon employee against dick cheney, rummy, myers seeking damages for harm done as a result of their personal actions on 9/11? it happened on april 5, 2011, and that said civil action did commence in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit? i didn't hear brian williams tell me about this interesting event. nor anyone else on the teevee for that matter.  not even amy. google alerted the trial. know what popped up? one story from that pr newswire. one. that was it. that was the sum total of what google delivered from news sources about this trial. 'cause ya know, she's crazy, that top secret pentagon person. fortunately, the court did not have to restrict the press, because there were none. small mercies.

the pr newswire story is pretty good, though obviously bent.  understandable. if you know anything about the ridiculous bullshit surrounding 9/11, then yeah, you're bent. and here's an even bendier part.  of the, good grief, how many of these fuckers are on this bench? gobs of them. anyway, what are the chances that george bush's first freakin' cousin gets assigned the 9/11 case? doesn't matter. because there are no chances. george bush's first cousin, john walker, will preside on the three seat bench to hear the case of Gallop v. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Myers. naturally, in the face of such blatant coi, the defense lawyer filed a motion to disqualify walker. fuck you, truther. let's get on with this farce!

the jurists seemed unfamiliar with certain high level us government testimony at the 9/11 Commission hearings, that dick cheney, chortling in is his evil bunker, let whatever the hell hit the pentagon, hit the pentagon.  nope, never heard that crazy talk.  jus' sounds crazy, don't it? one imagines these dipshits mulling it over. though they may play dumb, there cannot be complete ignorance on the bench.  after all, george w. bush's first cuz is watching over things with a dead soul and clear allies on the bench.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

our monsters

that whole Bindloss thing kinda tossed me onto that rather unpleasant slash across the earth, the tar sands. never nice, whatever they find out about what is going on there. latest thing to pop up ugly was a big study done of the co2 and methane gas emissions caused by the destruction of peatlands.  terrible.  that's it. not only that, but the lassitude of even conventional operations in Alberta generate greenhouse gas emissions "5-10 times greater than that of California's conventional oil wells." wide open spaces up there in alberta.  no one buggin' ya.

the study doers come out all surprised  and alarmed by what they found.  because some of what they found was pretty fucking alarming, like a whole lotta methane gurgling out of the massive tailings ponds of extruded mining waste laced with toxic chemicals "due to explosive biological activity in the ponds." great. monster ponds.

there has been some remarkably silly shit flying around the minds of the petroleum industry in keeping the tar sands dream alive. already, a network of natural gas wells supply the energy to make crude oil. and nasty crude oil at that.  other grand tar sand thinkers imagined a network of nuclear power plants to supply energy to the tar sands operations. nuclear fission to deliver dirty, low grade fossil fuel. how's that for a Jetsons to Flintstones power delivery vector? such forward thinking in that petroleum crowd.  there's tell they are already working on using laser nuclear fusion and space warp technology to power all of their crude oil production operations. the green and super future.

so, why not add "explosive biological activity" into the mix?  seems only fitting, really. what with the clear cutting, the planing, the vast scouring, and backhoe fucking of the earth's crust, that "explosive biological" monsters would burst forth from the noxious offal could almost be expected.

speaking of, now that fukushima has unleashed the rads into the sea, who cannot help but wonder: since the dawn of the nuclear age, will the Japanese, and the world, finally get the Godzilla we have always longed for?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

morass with the best of them

wallers comes down hard on the Saudis for the Libyan war, suckered the yanks right in. okay, maybe "suckered" isn't quite right.  yanks always want to go in, one damn phony reason or another. what's that? you got the arab league on board? un security council resolution? super.  okay, lads, it's tomahawk time! release the hounds!

can't say the i've seen wallerstein advocate revolt against a government before, but he did it here: "the best hope of everyone is that the second Arab revolt renews steam - perhaps a long shot now - and shakes first of all the Saudis."

afraid that pentagon plan for a new middle east, as engdahl credulously described, is being unwound on exigent autonomous interest vectors. doesn't seem, though, that wallers sees this revolutionary wave as the launch of some half-boiled pentagon scheme to remake the world.  i mean, look at them.  it doesn't look for long shitty minute like this white house could wipe it's ass with both hands.

liberal tar pitch

you know what it means to be an Alberta Liberal?  It means you want to sell bitumen tar sands oil to the Chinese, as well as the Americans.