Wednesday, May 11, 2011

boring in on tora

who ain't crappin' themselves at the sight of hosni mubarak gettin' tanked in Tora prison and potentially facing, of all things, a trial in egypt? i figured he'd be on fox news in no time, a middle east expert of the kind fox news likes: authoritarian. whew, missed that one.

is this a feint? real? who knows these days, but if it happens, well, one must conclude that hosni mubarak is seriously, if only recently, unliked by the global elite, which usually manages to cobble together some sort of luxury decampment for those so deposed. even lefty elites get to hang out in some nice digs in zuid africa when the shit hits. so what the hell did hosni do to piss off the world so badly that he is about to face trial for murder and corruption in his own country?  couldn't get his ass into switzerland? given that much of the murder and corruption has been conducted under the auspices of us government aid and approval, what has ol' hosni done to warrant such unprotection from the junta in egypt? poor hosni. defenestrated from the Burj Dubai cocktail party.

was it the seventy billion? what? too much?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hue and cia cry

For the second time in five months, the Pakistani authorities have angered the Central Intelligence Agency by tipping the Pakistani news media to the identity of the C.I.A. station chief in Islamabad, a deliberate effort to complicate the work of the American spy agency in the aftermath of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, American officials said.
   New York Times, 09.05.2011.
The US and Pakistan struck a secret deal almost a decade ago permitting a US operation against Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil similar to last week's raid that killed the al-Qaida leader

"There was an agreement between Bush and Musharraf that if we knew where Osama was, we were going to come and get him," said a former senior US official with knowledge of counterterrorism operations. "The Pakistanis would put up a hue and cry, but they wouldn't stop us."
Guardian, 09.05.2011
that looks outside the bounds of "hue and cry," don't it? stuffin' the chief 'n all. but those little back-to-backers might also suggest that this so-called leak is  the station chief wanting out and "using it."  can hear 'im almost: just get me the fuck outta this hellhole! leak me! leak me!

something like that. can't imagine anyone really diggin' it there. except the criminally insane. which goes a long way in explaining why the us military is trying to quell an insurgency against their own military invasion, and wondering why those damned natives just don't like us.

so we got the paks dumpin' the id of islamabad's oga chief, who, if in any way rational, probably wants out of afpak nuthouse.  hence, the leak. and the whole affair looks like a serious rift. a hue and a cry.

is the leak of the cia station chief in Islamabad a hue, or a cry? i'm thinkin' cry.

definitely a cry.

Friday, May 6, 2011

professional magnificence

what a fukkin phrase that is. say that out loud, with a hearty Gilbert and Sullivan gusto . that awesome phrase was horked up by NCTC head James Clapper in praising the bin laden hit.
"never have I seen a more remarkable example of focused integration, seamless collaboration and sheer professional magnificence."
can't be hatin' professional magnificence, can we? it sounds so good.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nailed it

“Wiping out Bin Laden has been almost 10 years in the making, so it’s really significant,” Ms. Bottum, a retired university professor, said. “I’m convinced he’s nailed the next election.”
electoral success in america. revenge killing; ordering a stealth lethal head shot for a baddie.  the bigger the baddie, the better. more often than not, the baddies were once buddies in one bygone covert era or another.

damn, is it that easy now? just storm some foreign land, shoot a coupla publicized pricks, and it's all yours? announce the lawless revenge killing to the american public, who sickeningly oblige noblesse lawlessness with raucous chorus in the streets, hopped up on blood feud revenge. well, as a campaign strategy, it has its up sides, like a "raucous chorus in the streets, hopped up on blood feud revenge." and there are a lot of baddies around. baddies the us gov says are baddies anyway. the ones that count. obama could just start the baddie assassination march to overwhelming electoral success! like fdr. there'd be a movement to repeal the twenty-second amendment, obama's killing spree would be so popular: the march against the baddies! like against hitler, only badder.

the burp is from the nyt sump pump, smearing ink about obama's post double tap "bump."  it's both a great great victory and the most morbid of reasons to stay vigilant in this persistent war on terror. killed the terror leader, they say, and this is a grand thing, but the terror will remain and may even get worse. revenge, they say. by those crazy muslims.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

spanning na doden bin laden

that was the headline on het parool today. thought it had a nice ring. and it's dutch, ferfuksakes.  blie dat? were one to catalogue the sonic qualities of the dutch language, "nice ring" would not likely abide. pearl in a gritty oyster.

anyway, big front page pic, you've seen it, with all the goombahs hunkered down in the situation room. man. pathetic. that's the world's superpower's situfukkinwaytion room.  fuck dudes, take a pointer or two from golf ball blitzer -- give it some zing! get some csi lookin' shit in there, zaz it up. good grief, this is just sad. ya'll look like a buncha bobos humped around someone's suburbanite coffee table, grimacing through an online poker tourney. but the secret kind, that only the white house gets to play now.  think it's outta russia.

what a sight, ain't it? the grand poobahs layin' out the hit, and watching it play out in real time. we all get to revel in ex post exposition of glorious vengeful illegal murder by those precise killing machines so wonderfully and lethally trained under the auspices of american taxpayers. that america has military kill squads operating in far far away lands, secretly roaming and killing, under no writ but by the hand of obama, is now openly celebrated as a good and great thing, this lawless murdering.  damn, they's efficient killing machines, ain't they? teevee americans marvel. it's such a great thing we have, these international know no law kill squads. and so the corporate media launches a full warp press release on the hollywood details (count on it!) of the courageous bold strike by an american assassination team "secretly" operating in pakistan to take out bin laden.  think i've seen five different ways he was shot. media horndoggin' this one. now, the white house is pondering whether to release photos of the hit, because, of course, the natural conspiracy theories arise in the wake of bizarre behaviour.

shall we release the photographs of our most recent and surely most glorious and well publicized assassination? a beautiful dilemma for the assassination bureau. offend or forfend. such a difficult choice in the age of the kill squad cult.

way back when kids had a hopeful future, like most kids then, we all figured we'd be zoomin' around in flying cars by now,  zip-zppin' around in the air. what a hoot! we'd have awesome giant ring cities in orbit, would excavate the moon. couldn't wait for that future. didn't quite go that way though, did it? the world, that is, and what the world chose to do. what we got, instead, is "persistent conflict," stealth bombers, killer satellites, flying death bots, stealth flying death bots, remote control DARPA moths, and globally available whisper tip kill squads. what we also now have is digital high-definition satellite teevee and the DARPA internet for viewing ghastly images of the imperial footprint, the dead, the dying, the murdered, and football in the comfort of the modern plasma screen living room. mostly football though. if recent images brought thusly indicate anything, americans loves them a righteous killin'. jump for joy at the killin'. much as they would for football. decades of psychotherapy have brought them, finally, to know that revenge killing is actually a much softer, warmer thing: closure. hear that a lot lately. justifying the myriad sins of empire, kill squad death dealing is therapy.

not exactly flying cars.

Monday, May 2, 2011

imaginary aurelius

that ambinder, he's such a war whore. adorable. just revels in the deep n' dirty low down jsoc shit.  a pig in it, really. you can read it, taste it, live his kill cult thrill, wafting off the page like a militarized florient mist, masking the ghastly horror gwot cow pie.  "double tap" to osama's head, marc militarily relates.  oh, sorry, that was, "to the left side of the face," as marc unnecessarily but orgiastically details. damn, those jsoc dudes make marc horny. to the fukkin face osama! pap pap. how's that?

double tap to the face.  ouch. seems non-standard for head shots, no? not exactly a brain drainer. to the face, that is. hard to identify easily, though. dump a sorry face shot carcass into the sea as quick as possible, because the us just gotta make sure that face-shot osama gets dumped into the sea, eh ess eh pee.   respectin' those islamic trads n' what not.  that's big on the war agenda.

marc ambinder. note the "c."