Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bachmann jesus overdrive

in what appears to be not just acceptable political rhetoric, but fixed and dipshit hardened, like uber fukkin supremo dipshit michelle bachmann is, which is a lot, guess what counts as a campaign signaler in america? if ya didn't guess jeesuz, well, where the fuckuhya been?
Recounting the story of a woman who was criticized for pouring an expensive fragrant ointment over Jesus’ head, Bachmann said “[w]e should pour ourselves out for Jesus” and recounted, in what had the feel of a campaign speech, ...
 ... tzchzcht uh, negatory Dawson radio, got no idea what the fuck "pouring" yourself out for jesus means.

sounds all fukkin christian 'n shit, though, don't it? sure does. that's gotta sell.  in the run to be the pouring out president of the united jesustates. see how all blends?

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