Monday, April 18, 2011

precog cog

readin' about this COG monstrosity. wow, quite an edifice the buggers have built for themselves, so protectin' n' all.  a secret society subdural hematoma of plans and bunkers and on-the-fly law writing schemes to save their asses and restore, well, them. can't keep the levees in shape but by gawd they sure can stuff 20 bills at cheney's dark lairs -- the only real cog that mattered in any of those sites, post 9/11. more like COUGH -- continuity of u gawdamned hustlers. pretty much confirms that, indeed, cheney just took over, bush conveniently out of the loop and a long way away in kindergarten, where he belonged.

as stunning as the plans to cover and save their own asses are, it's the wild eyed yet oddly limited imaginings that begin to take hold. pretty much all about them. oh, and the calm they will bring the american public by their mere presence and authority. for instance,
"The Bush-era COG plans were based on the commonsense premise that no post-disaster government would be legitimate unless people perceived it to be a valid expression of their will ..."
uh, hellooo? people don't perceive that now. they don't need a "post-disaster government" to perceive illegitimacy, because they have a full blown "disaster government" right now, complete with fully perceived illegitimacy. the cog machine can't imagine that america or the world could live without their wise and munificent sangfroid strutting and fretting upon the world stage. a world without the american political class. actually, one imagines such joy quite easily, if not routinely.

plans. there is a prevailing wisdom about plans. and it is not good for plans. it seems entirely bizarre that these guys imagine being wiped out in significant numbers and expect there to be some governable population remaining. if the way things are going keep going the way they are going, it could very well be that it will be that very same population that will be wiping their asses out. an imagined "best case scenario." more joy.

doubt they have a plan for that.

don't matter. the security state must plan to save itself, like congress gettin' wiped out, and the executive branch havin' to take over ... everything.  that'd be shame, but they do have a plan for it. comm links and command bunkers upgraded and rarin' to go.

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