Wednesday, April 6, 2011

our monsters

that whole Bindloss thing kinda tossed me onto that rather unpleasant slash across the earth, the tar sands. never nice, whatever they find out about what is going on there. latest thing to pop up ugly was a big study done of the co2 and methane gas emissions caused by the destruction of peatlands.  terrible.  that's it. not only that, but the lassitude of even conventional operations in Alberta generate greenhouse gas emissions "5-10 times greater than that of California's conventional oil wells." wide open spaces up there in alberta.  no one buggin' ya.

the study doers come out all surprised  and alarmed by what they found.  because some of what they found was pretty fucking alarming, like a whole lotta methane gurgling out of the massive tailings ponds of extruded mining waste laced with toxic chemicals "due to explosive biological activity in the ponds." great. monster ponds.

there has been some remarkably silly shit flying around the minds of the petroleum industry in keeping the tar sands dream alive. already, a network of natural gas wells supply the energy to make crude oil. and nasty crude oil at that.  other grand tar sand thinkers imagined a network of nuclear power plants to supply energy to the tar sands operations. nuclear fission to deliver dirty, low grade fossil fuel. how's that for a Jetsons to Flintstones power delivery vector? such forward thinking in that petroleum crowd.  there's tell they are already working on using laser nuclear fusion and space warp technology to power all of their crude oil production operations. the green and super future.

so, why not add "explosive biological activity" into the mix?  seems only fitting, really. what with the clear cutting, the planing, the vast scouring, and backhoe fucking of the earth's crust, that "explosive biological" monsters would burst forth from the noxious offal could almost be expected.

speaking of, now that fukushima has unleashed the rads into the sea, who cannot help but wonder: since the dawn of the nuclear age, will the Japanese, and the world, finally get the Godzilla we have always longed for?

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