Wednesday, April 20, 2011

libya is now a shared object library, providing various users with any number of functional excuses for KMA. the expected creep is taking hold.  sarkozy is struttin' his damned best bush, as good a bush as bush could ever manage.  sarkozy actually strode to the mike, grinning, to announce his attack.  ha ha ha. and now? now the dipshit fran├žaise "pledged to intensify French airstrikes." team france, fuck yeah!  but the sad way. the french. you know. 'cept for sarkozy. he's all wound up on the juice.

more though. boots on the ground, comin' to a libyan a long way from you. "liason" they call 'em. there for training those feckless dolts, er, uh, "help the makeshift rebel forces 'improve their military organizational structures, communications and logistics.' " see. totally benign. just helpin' out those poor disheveled devils.

after sometime, the training will prove worthless, and then, well, you know, we had to go in with our actual boots.  yes, it contravenes the un thingy.  we can live with that. had to go.  those guys? mait. worse than useless. barely keep 'em from shootin' each other. they drive around aimlessly, shooting into the air. one asshole shot an rpg backwards and took out a school bus. didn't think bein' that dumb was possible. well, you know how these things go. just have to show the swarthies how to get things done.

the libyan charade now appears to be more about the west not backing off for fear of "losing" or more aptly looking like they are losing. 'bama, 'kozy, they've all stated the aim: qaddafi must go. can't back down from that. world police.

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