Tuesday, September 28, 2010

effort in the release

readin' on 'bout curly cued rand paul, his audacity 'n all. at first, i wondered whether reading a smudgy bio of this odd little twerp merited any time. but, actually, it's a hoot.

and why didn't he have himself called aynrand paul? randyayn paul (no, skip that.  seen her?  no randy there) or perhaps, randayn paul? that would be cool. looks very aryan. anyway ...

since rand paul does not occupy much of the time of any day, i'd forgotten about this little gem: at some point, and sometime after ... the maddow incident, ol' polly wolly found himself issuing a statement declaring that he, rand paul,
"will not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964."
gotta laugh at that one. ya find yerself in a position like that, well, ya gotta figure yer in a hole. not with your base, but with, well, normal folk. but, he probably doesn't know that. but, then, if he didn't know that, he wouldn't be issuing statements meant to assuage mainstream concerns about what one must grant are rather retrograde views on American civic policy, dog whistling views that appeal to a certain demographic of the American population. paul's runnin' fur senate in k'ntucky.

tea parties offer further proof that they're just like their Iraqi Sunni brethren: convinced they are the vast majority of the population, at 20%.

Friday, September 24, 2010

turnin wee

British Cuts to Military Concern U.S. Officials
Ha! Of course they do. The US is mightily concerned when any war fighting ally cuts military spending.
good grief, man! what are you doing? ya wussin out on the grand plan?

Well, actually, yes. Yes, we are. In fact, we'd like to bloody well toss the whole pointless exercise, a selfish, paranoid, and mean spirited money gullet we can ill afford. You'd do well to trim back your own. Oh, and bugger off! mind your own tumbledown.
Further down, the British defence minister, LIam Fox, said that the primary role of the British military was to be a capable ally of the United States.
we need to concentrate on where we think we can be best contributors as an ally for the United States as well as ...
blah blah horseshit follows. but this was top of the ticket.

dontcha find it amazing that the British defense minister thinks that the British military's primary role is to be the "best contributors as an ally for the United States"?

Do the Brits know this?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

joker's never wild


Administration officials are weighing whether to put a prominent corporate executive in the NEC director's job ...
that it should even occur a "weighing" were in order for a "corporate executive" to be appointed director of the NEC is troubling enough. for it indicates that the trajectory of the corporate-societal complex remains unperturbed.

summers job

tuna-shaped larry summers is buggering off to get some shuteye. things have been stressful, what with the summers-aided global financial meltdown. obama, in auspicious dipshit form, said this of larry summers:
"I will always be grateful that at a time of great peril for our country, a man of Larry's brilliance, experience and judgment was willing to answer the call and lead our economic team. Over the past two years, he has helped guide us from the depths of the worst recession since the 1930s to ..."
something. no one knows what yet. what obama said was "renewed growth," which is bullshit.

larry freakin summers has also helped guide us to the depths of the worst recession since the 1930s. it's like the whole global financial bubble-blow out was a giant make work scheme for ... larry summers!

Monday, September 20, 2010

done dirt cheap

readin' on this article called, shityaknot, "American Takfiris" by a guy who's yowlin' 'bout kos calling the nutwhacked xtian fundy conservative right "American Taliban." go figure.

anyway, hit upon this little blurb of neo-tribalism that ought to jolt:
It's worth noting however, that the Bush administration did not take full advantage of the wrongs that the lawyers in their Office of Legal Counsel would have enabled. My point is not to equate the deeds of AQ with the deeds of the Bush administration--merely to point out justification for acts that are on their face unjustifiable take a similar intellectual path.
firstly, how the hell does serwer know that the bush admin availed or did not avail themselves of all the "wrongs that the lawyers in their Office of Legal Counsel would have enabled"? It appears that they would have enabled anything asked. drill in the ass? drill baby drill! stomp some baby nuts? yaa buddy! now we know the CIA was using this program for human experimentation. it never fukking stops with them! hence all them vids that got themselves all blowed up: experimental data.

they were also quite awful, as one imagines, and when the shit hit the rim, well, the choice between "experimental data" and felony indictment became quite stark. a "no brainer," as they say. (It used to be the case that destroying evidence of a felony was a felony itself. Not for the CIA, it seems. 'magine that.) 'sides, the data can and will be recreated. probably is happening. like i said, they never stop.

but the real dipshit crap that yanks me askew is serwer's disastrous statement, one that exudes ritualistic, neo-triblistic American affirmation, the "My point is not to equate the deeds of AQ with the deeds of the Bush administration."

and why the fuck not, actually?

because such a task is, in fact, quite impossible.

given the broad swath illegality, mahem and death toll, one cannot possibly equate the "deeds" of the bush regime with "the deeds of AQ." how may one possibly equate with the "deeds of AQ" with illegal wars and hated occupations in two Muslim countries, illegal robot terror wars in at least three others, illegal surveillance, a global kidnapping ring, a global torture network, massive public indoctrination -- a generation of war and death?

trump that, "AQ."

black and princely sum

imagifukkinthat. erik prince's "former" shadowy Blackwater operation morphed into an intricate global "web" of multitudinous shadowy operations, front and faux, all still collecting those gushing US taxpayer/debt bucks, deniability "built in." socialism for the neosecurity state.

the limitless capacity for evil theory of human evolution would posit that this can only be considered par for the oft-trot course. Indeed, one might be disappointed had prince and his merry dotes not formed an intricate global web of shadowy companies, doing bad things by "built in" deniability proxy. To any naïve observer, this is surely the next course in what will be the long and shadowy life of erik prince.

success in the kush

Afghanistan Vote Count Begins Amid Fears of Fraud

NATO: Afghan Election 'Less Bloody Than 2009'

Bodies of Three Kidnapped Election Workers Are Found in Afghanistan
What's the upshot of all that? Why, it's a blazing sign of freedom!
Officials Portray Afghan Election as Success
The David tells us that all of this mismanaged, corrupted and deadly nonsense of fraudulently electing the Pentagon's favoured war/drug lords "sent a powerful message."

Yes, it did St. David. Yes, it did.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Balk Obama

he just had to do it, didn't he? balk on the warren appointment. what a fukkin dipshit. too, too afraid of any conviction whatsoever. fear of the banks? or fear of actually having to stand one way or another? it's not that Obama reneges positions, he does that all the time, it's that he often takes no position at all, apparently trying to hide taking a position. what a sorry ass dweeb.

to the ridiculous counter argument to this reaction: that this is some stealth move to really git 'er in there and shake 'em up. are you fucking kidding? you really believe that obama, fer fucksakes, is going stealth hardass against the banks with the stealthy "appointment" of warren? hope springs eternal.

we shall see.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tepid is as tepid does

How bout them apples:
Americans offer tepid support for much of the Republican Party's domestic agenda, including repealing the new healthcare law and extending tax cuts for the wealthy.
Hence, the lying, the cheating, the gay bashing, the race baiting, the abortion horror show, and election stealing. Which is how they manage to look like anyone would actually vote for the dickweeds.

cracker is as cracker does

"We're not crackpots."*

Monday, September 13, 2010

fade to black

what the fuck is up with this redeem conservatism messaging going on all over the freakin' place? io propaganda shells are landing hither and pointedly yon. first was this jackass, and the cosmic fuckin' "vision" of conservatism. Now, comes along some other as heretofore no name AEI welfare suckling nether dweller, unleashing his painfully pent-up constipation about just how wrong everyone is about the GOP and their racist and race-baiting modern history. Oh, sorry, conservatives.

'course, the very fact that this article exists in the first place, indicates that the GOP knows that it has been busted. Over and over again. They don't have to admit this, of course, until election season, when their racial transgressions might pop up onto the electoral radar. time to fade to black ... .

Well, ya see, all that nastiness, an killin' an lychin' and such, well, that's the just militant wing of conservatism, gettin' a little out of hand. hee haw! them critters do get riled up when ya poke 'em!

But ya gotta think of conservatism as, well, exactly like Hezbollah. the american right wing and Hezbollah are structurally similar conservative movements insofar as there exists both a political and militant wing. Sometimes, the militant wing gets a little out of hand. But then, you kind of like to see that, because a military wing that didn't get out of hand once in awhile wouldn't seem to be, you know, bristling for a fight. Any political leader appreciates bristling in the military ranks.

So, there is a notable current to redeem conservatism from its rather poor reputation. Why now? Part of a larger effort at short term mythologies of the past in order to make voting GOP somewhat more palatable than it might otherwise be. Natch, the Obama White House is helping by vocally praising George Doubleyou Freaking Bush. W T F ?

pump up the saudi arms volume

Back when the "Saudi arms deal" tickled $20 bills, thoughtful folks gave pause, and for rightful good reason. That was under Bush. Now, in the midst of an again faltering "economy," Obama has pushed the deal to $60 billion with nary a peep. Given the obvious economic distress the United States is currently suffering, even the Israelis are making no fuss.
The Obama administration is set to notify Congress of plans to offer advanced aircraft to Saudi Arabia worth up to $60 billion, the largest U.S. arms deal ever, and is in talks with the kingdom about potential naval and missile-defense upgrades that could be worth tens of billions of dollars more.

The administration plans to tout the $60 billion package as a major job creator—supporting at least 75,000 jobs, according to company estimates—and sees the sale of advanced fighter jets and military helicopters to key Middle Eastern ally Riyadh as part of a broader policy aimed at shoring up Arab allies against Iran.
Iran, shmearan. The weapons industry in now one of the sole job growth industries in the US. Certainly, it is the major "good jobs" growth industry.

If this is not what America has become, it appears to be on the path of being both a blunt instrument, and the global supplier of blunt instruments. A weapons mill for the world.

It is a weapons mill society consisting of, presumably, "farmers", possibly just Cargill and Monsanto, who grow some sort of "food", while those not fighting wars in foreign lands are busy in the homeland, making weapons in order to sell weapons to those parts of the world in which, oddly enough, the United States finds itself continually fighting. Of course, once engaged in said and now restive regions, America's war fighters get to amp up the gun fun and blow all sorts of expensive ordinance all over those very same places. Production of these weapons is good the for the economy. More weapons, better economy.

The US is drifting into weapons mill addiction, a place where the only "good jobs" prospect in the country lie in making weapons for second and third world tinpot kingdoms, balkanized satrapies, and newly minted NATO nations in Eastern Europe, among other vainglorious and idle fools. Looks that way, don't it? Making anything else other than weapons has been pretty much shipped out. And the "good jobs" arise in the shadow of a long war.

The swirl continues ...

wango quango

Brits urr all wound up 'bout some "anti-poverty quango" spendin' money all lavish like. on themselves. oh, dear! it's all quite unseemly.
The international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, has launched an urgent review of an anti-poverty quango amid reports of lavish expenses claims, it was reported today.

Executives at the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) ran up large taxi bills, stayed at luxury hotels and dined in some of London's finest restaurants at the taxpayers' expense ... .
how dreadfully embarrassing

but i think these chaps have taken the bull by the gold-plated horn, decided to lead the anti-poverty message by example, and in a deeply felt, very personal way:
"Lavish expenses are great! Lavish expenses for all you poor people!"
Ol' Andy there, he's shocked, shocked! to find such ill repute on these premises:
Lavish expenses are completely unacceptable.
Actually, I think they are completely and entirely acceptable, so long as their end was to demonstrate how great Lavish expenses are, and that poor people should enjoy Lavish expenses.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wikileaks: not your ordinary limited hangout

didn't take much time after holidays, mere hours in fact, before i finally got around to reading somethin' that couldn't help but piss me off: that whole io shiv Wikileaks. geezusaithchkeefukinriste, what a fuckin' Bekeresque episode this has been. But it's been fun to watch, hasn't it?

couldn't do anything but laugh at how the $50+(?) billion a year security complex publicly professed an amazing incompetence and shocking inability to find a freakishly aryan lookin' dude who was showing up in teevee interviews and public appearances hither and yon, likenesses of his villainess everywhere.

back when Wikileaks was publishin' shit like damning internal corporate documents and operational manuals of gitmo (early limited hang out?), it didn't seem to get much attention. did it? can't recall much at all.

and then the attention grabber back in April: the in-house funhouse video of an attack helicopter firing long distance upon Iraqis walking down a Baghdad street.

you know, a war zone: reuters photogs and presumed locals, multiple parties taken out. rescuers ambushed and executed in review, jackass copter clowns pretend to see all sorts of terrible things. long things. that kinna looked like akays, and a couple of actual akays. in fuckin' Baghdad. can you imagine?

alarm! alarm! alarm!

bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam

we shot a little girl. boo hoo. that'll learn 'em.

sure looked bad. boys running the show didn't look too good either. media shields launched:

hey, war is hell,
mistakes were made,
who knew?
that lens sure does look like a big long gun,
why are those reuters photographers hanging out with terrorists?
do you know reuters is run by ... the Canadians?
and you know what they're like!
they bash baby seals.
with clubs.
on the head.
so, you see, it's not surprising that reuters photographers are fraternizing with Muslim terrorists.

recrimination and denouncement adhere to the pattern. low levels grunts take the hit, big picture ignored. american justice.

that modified limited hangout was not just saranrap, but had an agenda: establish the unimpeachable bona fides of Wikileaks as an anti-government, anti-American agency. one run by a man who is all over teevee and newspapers, but cannot be found.

let the dumps begin. Wikileaks becomes the font of establishment wisdom on Afghanistan. it is declared the "Pentagon Papers" of this epoch. Babbling bullshit from US government sources and stooges. Iran is implicated as a supporter of "the opposition," those backassward Taliban muthafukkers. which would be new, but ya know, all those godless muslims hate America. Iranians! Nukes!

"the pentagon," whatever the fuck that means anymore, declared Wikileaks a "national security threat."

that was funny.

in retrospect, the celebrity leaker scenario should have been avoided. that's the one that really gave the whole thing away. the front page, impossible to find, international man of mystery thing was risible. Doubt many yanks will have a fukkin clue, as usual.

job's done. doubt you'll hear much more of Mr. Assange when whatever "furor" is left dies down and the war moves on. Or, fuck, who knows? The boys are not easily dissuaded from using the same spigot over and over again. I'm sure Mr. Assange will happily oblige, while the New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel will happily perform as channels. Stay tuned for any buildup.