Tuesday, April 26, 2011

libyan mystery tour

man o man is it ever easy to get a fukkin war goin' these days. no congress. no real enemy, no nuthin', just fuckin' go. the un practically demands it. an easy bake oven: pop a few ingredients in there, turn some diplomatic knobs up a couple notches, and poof, in a matter of minutes, out pops a hot yummy war. hell, all ya really got to do is start off with some half-assed, quarter-assed, humanitarian intervention disaster in the waiting, which are all over the freakin' place. pretty much guarantees full entry for the war machine these days. think of it as america's jobs program for the twenty first century.

trusty battleship USS Grey Lady is steaming out of port, spewing a fit to print black cloud of war smoke, calling nato a joke and let's please stop pretending. and stop fukkin around obama. do it. you know you want to.  laws, rules be damned. of course, since we're in anyway, if we leave, why that maniac gadaffi will unleash a slaughter upon the land. definitely cannot have that.  we've spent a lot of time convincing everyone that gadaffi is a murderous nutjob.  we. are. in. go big.

never can figure out if obama is fucking around. cuz he sure acts like a guy who can't shit without messin' himself. but we are told he is so clever.  which can only mean that obama actually wants his own war -- his very very own -- one unbesmirched by the previous pack of dolts and idiots. but he has to make it look like others make him do it. look reluctant to go to war.  which is vital when one is a Nobel Peace Laureate.  don't wanna give that back.  nope. can't really stomp around, gettin' all anxious 'bout gettin' a bit o' the ol' ultraviolence with that peace achor hangin' around your neck, a dead useless weight, spoilin' the fun. so, a charade is enacted, one providing minimal cover for the Peace Laureate, when the gruesome fact is that the world's Peace Laureate is actually totally jazzed about bombing the shit out of libya and taking it over.  cuz this time, with obama being so eleven dimensional smart n' all, why this time, he'll get it right!

so, what is it? fuck up, or 11-D war whore dominatrix?

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