Saturday, April 2, 2011

morass with the best of them

wallers comes down hard on the Saudis for the Libyan war, suckered the yanks right in. okay, maybe "suckered" isn't quite right.  yanks always want to go in, one damn phony reason or another. what's that? you got the arab league on board? un security council resolution? super.  okay, lads, it's tomahawk time! release the hounds!

can't say the i've seen wallerstein advocate revolt against a government before, but he did it here: "the best hope of everyone is that the second Arab revolt renews steam - perhaps a long shot now - and shakes first of all the Saudis."

afraid that pentagon plan for a new middle east, as engdahl credulously described, is being unwound on exigent autonomous interest vectors. doesn't seem, though, that wallers sees this revolutionary wave as the launch of some half-boiled pentagon scheme to remake the world.  i mean, look at them.  it doesn't look for long shitty minute like this white house could wipe it's ass with both hands.

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