Wednesday, April 13, 2011


ol rozoff is pilin' up the shit about nato movin' in on africa, pulled there by the relentless us military monster via africom. i quite enjoy rick's fresh and assailing perspective. it's kinda like reading about the russians in american media, always up to some shifty eyed, vestigial commie plot, except, rozof's stories are actually true. nato and africom and monstercom are doing this shit, right in front us, and all day and every day long. wars and ops in central asia, occupations in the middle east, missile sites planned to encircle russia and china, reactivation of the fourth fleet, wars games with like minded fools all over the damn globe, and now it's time to stomp on a few uncooperative twerps in africa.  thank goodness for that revolutionary spirit!

there are, or soon to be were, only five nations in africa that have not signed nato alliance or cooperation deals. not oddly at all, two of those five nations are currently under nato attack.  for humanitarian reasons, of course. or to install a guy who used to work for the IMF as some internationally recognized leader, by the un security council no less! and humanitarian reasons. the three dawdlers, eritrea, sudan, and zimbabwe, well, as you can certainly tell by your own cynical chuckle, those dullards have already been pegged to the board. years long support for the spla has finally paid dividends with the look of session by south sudan. privatize is the oil play, forcing china into a mix of competitors. china gained by that in iraq, will loose a lot in sudan. mugabe has been on the skewer for awhile now, turning slowly. and eritriea? doubt anyone gives a fuck. china will certainly object to any fiddling in sudan, but then, that is one of the points.

rename?  anyone?

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