Friday, March 25, 2011

rotten apples

amidst the tale of outrage told by "master" SERE instructor, Michael Kearns, there blossoms a rose of innocence. but kearns is mad, though. oh, he is mad. steamin' that his former colleague could take their cherished, honorable and patriotic research/training in how to resist torture and "exploitation" by evildoers, that hallowed SERE ground, into, omg! a torture program itself! what villainous mind could dream such a dastardly scheme up?  well, for one, kearns' former colleague, the anti-batmanly dr. bruce jessen. pure rotten, the man kearns innocently laments, "sold a bag of rotten apples to the Bush administration."

doesn't seem that dear michael kearns has been paying attention. the bush administration wanted bags of rotten apples. lots of 'em. if you didn't fork up a bag of rotten apples to the bush administration, you got fired. the bush administration would then ensure that the next guy who got hired would. yes, sir! bags o' rotten apples, comin' right up! sir.

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