Saturday, March 26, 2011

liberation theology

so, punched up a quick post at a buds' outlet, the initial homage of which, the fortieth anniversary of the bangladesh liberation war, started to morph into something else entirely and i knew i had to tie it off quick, that a destabilisation of the narrative vector was underway and any precept of narrative control was, at best, a delusion, that the resultant disgorge would not be suitable for any sort of mainstream audience.

too restrictive over there, all that serious talk and makin' sense 'n shit. fuck that. constraining, really. i like to howl about the jackasses and douchebags of spleenland, not try to figure out why they are so. who fukkin cares? why dipshits are dipshits? fuck. dropped on their heads early on. who knows? giraffe coulter, for example. do you care why she is so fucked up? (used to wonder if it is all a dipshit act.  this latest, about how all that radiation is good for ya! free cancer vaccines, everyone!  let's go! Fukushima. bathe in the soothing cancer-curing futuristic glow of nuclear energy! this is clown show noise.)

the answer is no, you do not care why she is so fucked up. you might be fascinated to watch that alien entity moving around in her neck, surely about to pop out, screeching and hissing, at any moment.  that you'd like to see.  if you are a guy, you might want to pound the shit out of her.  and if you are a woman, you, too, might also want to pound the shit out of her. win win. generally, however, you do not care about why ann coulter is fucked up.

anyway, so now i know just what bob herbert felt like! buggers y'up don't it bob? can't get yer shit out. and onto to bangladesh. forty years ago, as the numbers say, the bangladesh liberation war breaks out, chengiz khan backfires and bangladesh is formed in the wake of pakistani humiliation on the geopolitical stage. the backlash from this, of course, is a bunch of pissed off pakistani everyone, military and isi gorms beaten badly.  "never, never again," they said.  isi gets down 'dirty.  no more of this sitting back, spying 'n shit, doing nothing!  gonna get nasty.  al haq attack begins with a launch of madrassas mania, training all those aimless young lads as pawns in geopolitical wars.  once the commies have been suckered in, the madrassas recruits serve the interests of the united states. oh joy at the coincidence of interest. the isi building an extra curricular military force, generously supplied by us taxpayer funding. today, the isi are funding extra curricular military forces in presumed conflict with "US interests."  not so sure us interests these days don't just amount to keeping everything alight for as long as possible.

but this is the anniversary of a liberation war. the liberations haven't stopped. mostly these liberations have been against deluded leftists who think they could run a country in the interests of the people, naturally in cahoots with the international communist conspiracy to rule the world, their communist co-conspirators and sympathizers; against geopolitical targets dressed as friend and terror; against ethnic cleansing within remit of oil pipeline plans, against drug lords and not others, while above mentioned factors weigh significantly in the determination of for or against.  and then there are the terrorists.  their supporters.  the new scourge. popping up in all the right places. commies routed, the next weed pops up; "liberation" and "freedom" continue their brutal march.

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