Friday, March 18, 2011

dream weaver

so there was lopey-dopey john kerry, smoothin' things over pakistan way about dastardly cia ray, "our diplomat."  yeesh. american diplomacy certainly has taken a radical turn under obama, hasn't it? anyway, there's kerry, doing the more normal diplomatic thing that we are all a lot more accustomed to: spewing out bullshit n' lies.
"Most of all, I wish to reaffirm the importance that America places in its relationship with Pakistan, and the commitment of the American people to work with their Pakistani counterparts to move ahead in ways that will benefit us all."
{doodle e doot doot doodle e doot doot ...}
handler: sir ...
jk: "We deeply regret the blah blah blah ..."
handler: sir!


  jk: what in blazes was that?
  handler: drone, sir. they hit all the time, all over.


  jk: geesuzaitchkeeriiiiist!! get me outta here. this is worse than 'NAM!!!!

the handler dutifully obliges. into a safehouse and hopefully beyond the drones.  kerry and the handler hunker down in foreboding silence, not knowing what to do. outside, the drones pelt the area. some near, some far. after some while, the bombing capitulates, a felt presence fades.

 jk: is this what it's like here?
 handler: uh, yeah. well, they come and go, hit other places.  they'll be back.
 jk: good grief. what are we doing to you? this is insane ...
 handler: you are killing many, and filling the country with boiling hatred. and yes,  we know.

and off honorable john kerry goes, back to washington to put a halt to the insanity. he is derided by the political class, the pentagon, the media as a raving undead peacenik, zombified in the sixties.


voluntarily cauterized by the establishment, a feckless, browbeaten john kerry slumps back to washington, knowing that he has seen this before, and knowing that anything he says will be derided by the political class, the pentagon, the media as the ravings of an undead peacenik, zombified in the sixties. so he says nothing.


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