Monday, March 7, 2011


finally got a bead on porter's indictment of those phony iran hit laptop documents.  pretty much nails it down to an israeli data laundering op with the dupable yet messianic mek -- precisely why they are dupable -- as dumb funnel. so, "the israelis," presumably mossad, stuff a buncha phonied up docs, that at first blush appear to be glommed together by a high schooler's notion of what a nuclear bomb would need, onto the mek, all conveniently bundled up in one laptop! or maybe papers and a laptop. or maybe laptop documents made to look like paper that have been in the laptop all along.  or, well, read it to see why that point is somewhat muddled.

now, the question that pops to this forum's fore is this mek bunch.  as presumed iranians, are they actually thrilled with the thought of iran being attacked and bombed, possibly nuclearly, by israel and the us?  obliterated, in other words. are they happy to serve as vessels for that noxious nuclear fluid? would they be happy to inherit that scorched earth?  that's seems odd for iranians, of any kind. unless of course, the meeks have that messianic bent.  which they do.  obliteration will bring the twelfth imam, which is wunna them, so hoofukkinray! bring on the nukes.  it's kinda like the christianists who want armageddon cuz they're horny for geesuz.  actually, it's exactly like the christianists who want armageddon cuz they're horny for geesuz. geesuz two point ooohhh.

'course, the xtians are way ahead of the mek, pretty much infiltrated the us mil, penetrated the pentagon, got some jackass knights of fuckin' malta, for fuck sakes, crusadin' their grunts' asses off in iraq and the 'ghan'stan, elsewhere. tossin' out bibles and takin' scalps.  seems a tad conflicted.  not for the gung-ho crusaders, though. not at all.  ya gotta get brutal to get civil, is what they Teutonically think.  then again, the meeks seem much closer to inheriting their radioactive earth.

so, this is what we got, guiding the foreign policy of the yewnahtidstates in it's position on iran, murderous crazed fundy dipshits and murderous crazed mujahideen-e-khalq.

certain to work out wonderfully.

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