Monday, March 21, 2011

interventionist establishment rising

watchin' ajay the other night. most extraordinary thing popped up. a buncha arab dudes and egyptian scholars yakkin' away about how they imagined gadaffi would fall. some tales were quite lurid, the panelists clearly enjoying the subject matter.  seems to be the new game in the arab world. imagining the last days of gadaffi.  first person shooter!

the discussion was, to say the least, odd. we're all used to seeing yakkers like this on cnn, extolling the virtues of this or that us invasion, interdiction, insertion, intervention, bombing, or as yet not dreamed up military action to take some mad arab and or muslim leader out.  but  the arab/muslim media doing this?  well, somewhat jarring it was.  gotta hand it to the the ajay moderator though, kept trying to swing these guys onto negatives of military actions, which is sooo not cnn, but they just kept yappin' on about how they gotta take out gadaffi! take that sucker out good.

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