Sunday, March 13, 2011

one way street

engdahl's over thur, layin' out the plans for the New Middle East, rand swarming à la color revolutions. the middle east uprising is appearing similar and looking rather like, well, a sequential set, in order of increasing risk and difficulty.  interestingly, uprisings fastidiously ignored by obama and the media include those near the us military base in bahrain, and labour protests in america.

of course, the aspect ratio striking here is the abject faith randians, the pentagon and the white house have in their assumed legitimacy in undermining foreign governments of their choosing.
"The US government should encourage nongovernmental organizations to offer training to reformers, including guidance on coalition building and how to deal with internal differences in pursuit of democratic reform. Academic institutions (or even nongovernmental organizations associated with US political parties, such as the International Republican Institute or the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs) could carry out such training, which would equip reform leaders to reconcile their differences peacefully and democratically.

"Fourth, the United States should help reformers obtain and use information technology, perhaps by offering incentives for US companies to invest in the region’s communications infrastructure and information technology. US information technology companies could also help ensure that the Web sites of reformers can remain in operation and could invest in technologies such as anonymizers that could offer some shelter from government scrutiny. This could also be accomplished by employing technological safeguards to prevent regimes from sabotaging the Web sites of reformers. "
this is fun to do. imagine that some foreign power, russia, germany, hell, the whole eu for shitsngiggles, decide that the interests of this power are not being served by the current american regime; that this power saw america as badly askance, with a corporatocracy now ruling and no way to change it now that corporate media shut down evidence of rampant election rigging by and through electronic voting machines owned and operated by republican affiliated religious zealots,  machines required by law by a republican congress.  and that because of this egregious anti-democratic condition, this power saw to it to deploy armies of engeeohs into america to train opposition groups in the art of mass protest, using all the kewl kid toys and warehouses; that this power would then initiate mass protests against the american government and bring it down.


now, as fun as that is to imagine,  that is all it is. in the real world, imaginings do not advance much beyond step one, foreign powers recognizing the need for regime change in america, the need to rid the world of the lethally predatory american military-financial complex.  FULL STOP. oh, sure, a few fopos gots some lobby groups -- quite powerful for some incomprehensible reason -- with nut busting control over corporate media, congress, the white house.  probably got spies running around the place.  in fact, we know they got spies running around the place.   but the american regime is not under externally orchestrated mass protest threat and never will be. the lobbies and spies like things just they way they are.

the one way american street.

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