Friday, March 4, 2011

canadian shield

looks like canuckistan managed to avert the rightly imagined horrors of the brutally invasive "fox kudzu news," an invasive anaerobic organism that can literally incite real world violence from within its media space. This avoidance is only temporary. 'cause ya know those corporatized right wing dipshit fuckers will not stop once they git an idea into their heads.  could be the most heinous, mean-spirited war mongering, baby killing shithead of an idea, like most of theirs, but by gawd, 'cause they thought of it, it has to be right and it has to be done.  and so they will try to do it.  forever. instead of the decades long grind-down caused by outsourcing and attrition, public employee unions are now under sudden, corporate-backed full frontal assault; abortion? ferfuksakes.


anyway, one of the great dipshit ideas these dipshits have, all on account of the fact that they think they should rule the world, is that other countries should have fox news networks, too. you know, so that other honest hardworking common, yet foreign, folk should get the real deal, the grit and the gristle, the no spin zone drone that americans so enjoy in the comfort of their earthy homes in the great heartland. like that. cuz that's just what focksnieuws does. the corporate thanes wish only the best of information for the people.

naturally, the mild and civil media space enforced and enjoyed by canada became a target, and especially so with dipshit stephen harper embarrassingly at the twisted helm.

anyone familiar with the sun-line of wastoid tabloid products can only laugh to learn that the news of a very different world would be brought, unwelcome, into canadian homes by Sun TV News.  makes ya laugh just saying it. will there be a minute three girl?

stephen harper's eyes moisten at the thought of a propaganda channel like that, to be fired at will, at any target, without need of written or even verbal communication, except as egress vector disinformation. harper sees the symbiosis fox and the gop enjoy in the us, on air and off, in front of the country, and he visibly lathers. of course, he, some viceroys, and his media buddies at sunteeveenooze have all been down visiting don murdoch and ailes, shootin' the dipshit, take over the world shit. it has been molded into such a glorious dipshit vision, stephen harper aches to see the fruition of this demon sun seed.

so misty and lathered and achey did stephen harper get at the thought of his own fox news channel, that he sought to repeal the law in canada that prohibits broadcast of  "any false or misleading news."  that is why canada has no fox news, and that is what stephen harper had to remove to bring his wet dream sunTeeVeeNooze to canada.  yes, i, stephen harper, do swear that i intend to stovepipe government lies and corporate deceit into the homes of canadians, and to do that, i will repeal the law that forbids the stovepiping of government lies and corporate deceit into the homes of candians is pretty much what he's saying there.

well, stephen harper's media vision got a sharp poke.  no sunteeveenooze, say the authorities.  apparently, in canada, laws are enforced even against the prime minister's most cherished desires.  imagine what a harsh and forbidding place this canada must be, that they would treat their leader so lawfully.

did you know that some countries have such laws? that news organizations must actually deliver news and not lies?  wow.  no wonder they're not all up there, agitated all the time, wanting to fuckin fight somebody, enemies, everywhere.

fight ain't over though. the pricks don't stop.  ever.

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