Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kentucky fried nuclear industry technology

so, as you may have already heard or read, the diablo canyon nuclear plant doesn't need to have an earthquake response plan, on account of the fact that the us gov at the time didn't really require one from the buggers building it, what with there being a tectonic fault just offshore and all. fukkit.  billions of taxpayer dollars to suck up to rig the most dangerous, technologically complex industrial process humans have yet fashioned to boil water and yet make us all feel like we were living in a jetson's world. nuclear party time; depleted uranium, cesium 137 included.

despite the danger and complexity and the whole human foible by gawd we gotta rule nature even if we don't know shit about what we're actually doing syndrome, we catch a glimpse of the sophistication of the nuclear industry and the wondrous safeguards they have implanted in their nuclear silos.  For instance, did you know that at the daiblo canyon nuclear plant, "there are sensors to alert employees to shut down the plant if tremors are felt." how's that for the cutting tech edge?

hey, why not have some dude in an orange suit stand in a corner of the nuclear installation and, when he feels the floor of the nuclear installation shake or shimmy, activates a flashing red light strapped to his head? with alarm head lamp activated, he brings forth and purses a bullhorn. with a precise, monotonous drone, alarm man repeatedly announces, "alarm, alarm, alarm, alarm, alarm," thus alerting employees of the diablo canyon nuclear power installation that an earthquake has indeed struck the facility and that they should perhaps shut things down.  in the current us employment climate, this is surely cheaper than a bunch of fancy pants "sensors."

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