Monday, May 10, 2010

A threat, by any other name, would smell as sweet.

Readin' on about how the liberal Obama is carrying on his pred's policy and that that ol' ever-lovin' CIA can shoot at a "wider range of target," including unidentified threat agents who have been determined to be so by the CIA's "pattern of life" analysis. Something tells me that an agency that sees conspiracies in people breathing ain't gonna come out too gentile most of the time on the whole pattern of life thing. They may, however, be considerably more adept than appears the US military.

Top of it all, there's been a whole shit load of unidentified targets that have already been blasted to bits by CIA and JSOC drones. We otherwise know these wide ranging targets as civilians. How the nü targeting regime would fundamentally change anything is a tad mysterious. Indeed, this will likely make things worse, if it hasn't already. A wider range of target translates simply as a wider swath of death, and certainly not one that is any more accurate.

But ya gotta laugh at shit like this:
But some analysts said permitting the CIA to kill people whose names were unknown created a serious risk of killing innocent people.
So, what have they been doing until now? Is it now worse that the CIA will kill innocent civilians without pointing to a name on a list?

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