Thursday, May 6, 2010

slam dunk by a shyster lawyer

Readin' on 'bout that fuckin' pathetic health care bill. Geesus aitch key rhiste, what a fuck up.

As expected,
Obama's blithe or naïve and listless healthcare bill is about to bite him and his wastrel effort at health reform right on the ass. Unfortunately, his thoughtless disregard for common sense regarding health care -- that companies would jump to dump employer provided heath care if given the chance -- will cost the country dearly.

This is what the ostensibly liberal health care bill hath wrought: unprecedented forced purchase of a private product by law, easily imagined increasing medical bankruptcies, untold hundreds of billions of dollars in easily foreseen consequences.

That companies would choose to expunge health care responsibilities from their ledgers and bureaucracies and simply pay a fine is plain. Who wouldn't want to unload the toilsome burden of dealing with the fucking health insurance industry? What the policy vector of AT&T, Verizon, Deere, Caterpillar, demonstrate, is that American business wants to be unleashed from the shackles of the health insurance industry. No other industrial nation imposes this onerous cost on their own businesses.

Wha ... why. .. what?? It makes no sense, of course, as all the best scams do.

If you really want to understand why American business off-shored and outsourced, it was not because of regulation, it was not because of the dollar, nor labour costs; it was primarily because of the undue burden imposed upon American business to provide health care insurance. One true source of off-shoring was simply the uncompetitive burden of health insurance -- at first hardly noticeable, now crushing. Blame America's ridiculously clinging to the private health insurance scam.

Which pretty much means that you can blame the health insurance industry, a venal, deadly leech clamped onto the body politic from the inside, like that fuckin' gross scorpion-bug thing that went in Chekov's ear in the Wrath of Khan. Yeah, that ugly fucking alien armoured bug thing that makes you squirm and cringe at the sight of it and what it is doing? That fuckin' thing? That's the health insurance industry.

The proper course was and is single payer. Obama's appease 'em all junk bill now stands to backlash against his wishful thinking. Did he ever intend to actually stand up for any real improvement? Evidence would suggest otherwise. It was the deal that counted, and not much more.

I cannot figure out who these people are who think Obama is a liberal. Well, Fox, of course, and the rest of the jag-offs, but he has supporters, apparently, who think this. If the AT&T, et al story plays and spreads, well, Obama has just tapped a twofer: dumped employer health care, funnel those hundreds of billions in penalties straight to the private insurance companies through the Exchanges.

The first one is fine. The second? Mostly assuredly not. And where on earth is the "liberal" part of this?

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