Friday, May 7, 2010

... the other, he wants to buy you rockets

The man who "named his son after the man who was head of the OSS during WWII," Erik Prince is making all the liberal outrage headlines these days. This means, of course, that Prince is, and will continue to be, entirely ignored. Those liberals, always so angry. We can't have that on the airwaves.

Our man Scahill has dug the deep dirt and managed to get a secret recording of a speech Erik the half-a-bee gave at the University of Michigan, January 14. Shit loads of public officials at a public university, and Erik Prince can demand, and have that demand met, to shut down any reporting of his speech, largely funded by the taxpayer across several revenue vectors.

Of course Prince says some shit. Woo, what a shocker. Given what we've already heard about this freakin' murderous cowboy, his speech is rather mild stuff. But gotta give Scahill da bones here. What a move! We need more Jeremy Scahills.

Scahill is so pissed, it's near palpable. He's virtually seething. I'm afraid Scahill will long run out of seethe before Blackwater is brought to heel. Because that won't happen. Blackwater and the rest of their ilk have cemented their position within the military-security complex with bipartisan support. As much as the good man's work has done to expose these rogue mercenary agents, Scahill knows this.

Which is perhaps why he seethes so.

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