Monday, May 3, 2010


BP is one of those ongoing wrongdoings of which one is simultaneously both aware, and completely ignorant, never really having grasped the thread: if you had heard of a major oil disaster in the last ten years, BP was the likely, lurking culprit.

You've heard all the stories, but have long forgotten. And then a compendium of BP's years-long, willful cheating on regulatory requirements and safety rules comes along, and wham! wow! WTF? Still drilling? Shit, why ain't the pricks in prison?

BP and their negligent co-conspirators have unleashed a lethal hell on the Gulf coast. BP. Beyond Petroleum. Oh, sorry. beyond petroleum. That's humble, with a big ol' AITCH.

Having previously indicted oil companies as "a bunch of stupid fucking dipshits," behold a grand legacy of these particular, limey muthafuckin' SFDs:
  • March 23, 2005: Explosion, BP's refinery, Texas City, Texas. 15 workers killed. Cutting the costs for safety and maintenance blamed.
  • July 2005, BP's deep sea $1 billion Gulf prject, Thunder Horse, listed 20 degrees. Design and engineering are blamed.
  • March 2006, 267,000 gallons of crude oil leaked out of a BP-maintained 34-inch feeder pipe to the TransAlaska Pipeline System
  • Aug. 8, 2006, a "catastrophic pipeline split" ruptures in the TransAlaska pipeline. "Severe corrosion" is found, caused by "BP's cost-cutting and poor maintenance of the pipelines."
  • April 2010, Deepwater Horizon blows and burns. Negligence, ignored safety precautions, substandard construction on well head (Halliburton).
So, doesn't one wonder, just how much do you have to lethally fuck up, and have been shown to have lethally fucked up, before enough is enough? Nationalize 'em, and sell 'em fer parts. Tell Brits to fuck off. Make it known that BP is considered a threat to national security, has been for too long now. This monstrous looming Gulf disaster is beyond toleration. Take those fuckers down.

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