Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Rand Corporation

yawl gotta go read Corey Robin's discourse on Ayn Rand. Awesome shit. Always knew she had to be somekina fucked up. Here's the proof.

I remember a high school geek friend who was some sorta Ayn Rand/libertarian wacko. He used to say some of the most amazing things. Like, don't help old people, and cripples should die off -- failed experiments -- why are we wasting resources on wheelchairs? Just raged against such injustice: that not just taxpayers, but anyone, should ever pay for a wheelchair for anyone. Ever. They were an affront the proper order of things, these wheel chairs. And helping old people. He was eighteen. How does that happen? you wonder.

So, ya. Hard core, social Darwinist shit. In fuckin' high school. How do you get so fucked up that early? Apparently, by reading Atlas Shrugged at an impressionable age. I once wondered whether pot might be involved, but if you ever met this guy, you would know that external dope is not required in order for Ayn Rand to grab a simple mind and make it hers. He was such a stiff ass. Snarled at beer like it was a gulf oil tar ball, back when there were no gulf oil tar balls. So, apparently, the dope is self-contained.

And a toxic brew they doth make, those simple minds and rand. If you saw this guy in a year book these days, you'd all go, "oh yeah, serial killer. Big time."

So, Ayn Rand spawns serial killers. You read that here. 'cause I'm the greatest thinker of the 21st cenchry.

N.B. Just beware this "Rand" character, a guy who wants himself called after that fucked-up feh-nazi Hollywood twat. The Civil Rights Act is just the tip of the libertarian iceberg, baby!

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