Friday, May 14, 2010

... the Pentagon today announced plans to ...

Imagine this amazing headline and lede:
CNORAMCOM plans multiple bases in North America

The Chinese government has announced plans for a small headquarters and five regional military bases in North America. The five regions will roughly be northwest, midwest, atlantic, south, and high north, with the headquarters planned for the suburbs of Chicago.

"Given what we've seen transpire in the United States of late, China is rightly concerned about stability in the region," said President Hu Jintao after the announcement.

"CHINA NORTH AMERICA COMMAND will be there primarily in a training and peacekeeping role, but reserves the right to respond appropriately to any perceived threat, either to NORAMCOM or vested Chinese interests."
That would be weird, right?

Well, that is exactly what the Pentagon has plans for on the continent of Africa. And it is all either ignored or treated as perfectly proper. There is no question that AFRICOM be doling out US taxpayer (and Chinese) largess in order to establish a robust military presence across the continent. No, no, no, this all perfectly normal stuff, the stuff this Pentagon does with nary a peep.

Really quite amazing how docile the world has become to military occupation. Of course, it's greased along by western financed conflicts spotting the continent.

Will they ever just leave people alone?

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