Friday, May 28, 2010

ether island

Ol' Peg Noonan is bitchin' 'bout 'bama. No surprise there. Who isn't? I also think Peg may be responsible for those odd people who spell no one, noone, like that's a fuckin' word.

Fuck. Is this really what it is going to be like from now on and forever? Some corporate toady winds up in the White House some way or another, fuck knows if it's democracy -- praw bab ly not -- and then everyone starts bitchin' about what a corporate toady that goddam president is, or was, or will be, and oh, fuckin' woe is America! What have we become?! Like the fuckin' hacked and jacked elections weren't much of the problem. Boo hoo fuckin' hoo. Geesuz aitch key-riiste, wake up. That ain't gonna happen. Shite, these idiots are still clinging to the ravaged cum-stained thread of idealized American democracy, that quaint notion that voting is an effective forum for political expression.

Peeeg, it will come back to you ...

After a nonsense lead-off, she does a good job hackin' 'im on the BP spill. But as sure as shit ain't Shinola, the hammer goes off in weird directions.
Americans would never think an international petroleum company based in London would worry as much about American shores and wildlife as, say, Americans would. They were never going to blame only BP, or trust it.
Amazing, isn't it? Her grasp of the non-existent ether. I marvel, really.

But, ya gotta wonder: where the fuck has this woman been? It is not supposed to matter whether it is an "international petroleum company" or an "American" company doing whatever harm it is they are doing, or intending to do, to land, sea, and air. And, indeed, it does not appear to have mattered to most. Most just plain out hate the muthurrFuckers. The nation has laws that must be obeyed! Okay, maybe not. Nonetheless, "Americans ... were never going to blame only BP." Perhaps the "only" can save her, but still, fu ... What?!

Ya gotta wonder, does ol' Peg not look at any news not approved by BP? Does she get out much? Americans most fucking assuredly are fucking blaming fucking BP. But not only fucking BP.
"Americans" appear to be plenty pissed at BP. Some are even demanding that BP be nationalized and sold for parts (as we did here).

Peg, dear. You need to get out more.

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