Monday, September 13, 2010

fade to black

what the fuck is up with this redeem conservatism messaging going on all over the freakin' place? io propaganda shells are landing hither and pointedly yon. first was this jackass, and the cosmic fuckin' "vision" of conservatism. Now, comes along some other as heretofore no name AEI welfare suckling nether dweller, unleashing his painfully pent-up constipation about just how wrong everyone is about the GOP and their racist and race-baiting modern history. Oh, sorry, conservatives.

'course, the very fact that this article exists in the first place, indicates that the GOP knows that it has been busted. Over and over again. They don't have to admit this, of course, until election season, when their racial transgressions might pop up onto the electoral radar. time to fade to black ... .

Well, ya see, all that nastiness, an killin' an lychin' and such, well, that's the just militant wing of conservatism, gettin' a little out of hand. hee haw! them critters do get riled up when ya poke 'em!

But ya gotta think of conservatism as, well, exactly like Hezbollah. the american right wing and Hezbollah are structurally similar conservative movements insofar as there exists both a political and militant wing. Sometimes, the militant wing gets a little out of hand. But then, you kind of like to see that, because a military wing that didn't get out of hand once in awhile wouldn't seem to be, you know, bristling for a fight. Any political leader appreciates bristling in the military ranks.

So, there is a notable current to redeem conservatism from its rather poor reputation. Why now? Part of a larger effort at short term mythologies of the past in order to make voting GOP somewhat more palatable than it might otherwise be. Natch, the Obama White House is helping by vocally praising George Doubleyou Freaking Bush. W T F ?

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