Monday, September 13, 2010

wango quango

Brits urr all wound up 'bout some "anti-poverty quango" spendin' money all lavish like. on themselves. oh, dear! it's all quite unseemly.
The international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, has launched an urgent review of an anti-poverty quango amid reports of lavish expenses claims, it was reported today.

Executives at the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) ran up large taxi bills, stayed at luxury hotels and dined in some of London's finest restaurants at the taxpayers' expense ... .
how dreadfully embarrassing

but i think these chaps have taken the bull by the gold-plated horn, decided to lead the anti-poverty message by example, and in a deeply felt, very personal way:
"Lavish expenses are great! Lavish expenses for all you poor people!"
Ol' Andy there, he's shocked, shocked! to find such ill repute on these premises:
Lavish expenses are completely unacceptable.
Actually, I think they are completely and entirely acceptable, so long as their end was to demonstrate how great Lavish expenses are, and that poor people should enjoy Lavish expenses.

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