Friday, September 24, 2010

turnin wee

British Cuts to Military Concern U.S. Officials
Ha! Of course they do. The US is mightily concerned when any war fighting ally cuts military spending.
good grief, man! what are you doing? ya wussin out on the grand plan?

Well, actually, yes. Yes, we are. In fact, we'd like to bloody well toss the whole pointless exercise, a selfish, paranoid, and mean spirited money gullet we can ill afford. You'd do well to trim back your own. Oh, and bugger off! mind your own tumbledown.
Further down, the British defence minister, LIam Fox, said that the primary role of the British military was to be a capable ally of the United States.
we need to concentrate on where we think we can be best contributors as an ally for the United States as well as ...
blah blah horseshit follows. but this was top of the ticket.

dontcha find it amazing that the British defense minister thinks that the British military's primary role is to be the "best contributors as an ally for the United States"?

Do the Brits know this?

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