Tuesday, September 28, 2010

effort in the release

readin' on 'bout curly cued rand paul, his audacity 'n all. at first, i wondered whether reading a smudgy bio of this odd little twerp merited any time. but, actually, it's a hoot.

and why didn't he have himself called aynrand paul? randyayn paul (no, skip that.  seen her?  no randy there) or perhaps, randayn paul? that would be cool. looks very aryan. anyway ...

since rand paul does not occupy much of the time of any day, i'd forgotten about this little gem: at some point, and sometime after ... the maddow incident, ol' polly wolly found himself issuing a statement declaring that he, rand paul,
"will not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964."
gotta laugh at that one. ya find yerself in a position like that, well, ya gotta figure yer in a hole. not with your base, but with, well, normal folk. but, he probably doesn't know that. but, then, if he didn't know that, he wouldn't be issuing statements meant to assuage mainstream concerns about what one must grant are rather retrograde views on American civic policy, dog whistling views that appeal to a certain demographic of the American population. paul's runnin' fur senate in k'ntucky.

tea parties offer further proof that they're just like their Iraqi Sunni brethren: convinced they are the vast majority of the population, at 20%.

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