Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wikileaks: not your ordinary limited hangout

didn't take much time after holidays, mere hours in fact, before i finally got around to reading somethin' that couldn't help but piss me off: that whole io shiv Wikileaks. geezusaithchkeefukinriste, what a fuckin' Bekeresque episode this has been. But it's been fun to watch, hasn't it?

couldn't do anything but laugh at how the $50+(?) billion a year security complex publicly professed an amazing incompetence and shocking inability to find a freakishly aryan lookin' dude who was showing up in teevee interviews and public appearances hither and yon, likenesses of his villainess everywhere.

back when Wikileaks was publishin' shit like damning internal corporate documents and operational manuals of gitmo (early limited hang out?), it didn't seem to get much attention. did it? can't recall much at all.

and then the attention grabber back in April: the in-house funhouse video of an attack helicopter firing long distance upon Iraqis walking down a Baghdad street.

you know, a war zone: reuters photogs and presumed locals, multiple parties taken out. rescuers ambushed and executed in review, jackass copter clowns pretend to see all sorts of terrible things. long things. that kinna looked like akays, and a couple of actual akays. in fuckin' Baghdad. can you imagine?

alarm! alarm! alarm!

bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam

we shot a little girl. boo hoo. that'll learn 'em.

sure looked bad. boys running the show didn't look too good either. media shields launched:

hey, war is hell,
mistakes were made,
who knew?
that lens sure does look like a big long gun,
why are those reuters photographers hanging out with terrorists?
do you know reuters is run by ... the Canadians?
and you know what they're like!
they bash baby seals.
with clubs.
on the head.
so, you see, it's not surprising that reuters photographers are fraternizing with Muslim terrorists.

recrimination and denouncement adhere to the pattern. low levels grunts take the hit, big picture ignored. american justice.

that modified limited hangout was not just saranrap, but had an agenda: establish the unimpeachable bona fides of Wikileaks as an anti-government, anti-American agency. one run by a man who is all over teevee and newspapers, but cannot be found.

let the dumps begin. Wikileaks becomes the font of establishment wisdom on Afghanistan. it is declared the "Pentagon Papers" of this epoch. Babbling bullshit from US government sources and stooges. Iran is implicated as a supporter of "the opposition," those backassward Taliban muthafukkers. which would be new, but ya know, all those godless muslims hate America. Iranians! Nukes!

"the pentagon," whatever the fuck that means anymore, declared Wikileaks a "national security threat."

that was funny.

in retrospect, the celebrity leaker scenario should have been avoided. that's the one that really gave the whole thing away. the front page, impossible to find, international man of mystery thing was risible. Doubt many yanks will have a fukkin clue, as usual.

job's done. doubt you'll hear much more of Mr. Assange when whatever "furor" is left dies down and the war moves on. Or, fuck, who knows? The boys are not easily dissuaded from using the same spigot over and over again. I'm sure Mr. Assange will happily oblige, while the New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel will happily perform as channels. Stay tuned for any buildup.

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