Saturday, October 2, 2010

bones n' thug harmony

turriffic. they got some photos taken by some of Colonel Kurtz's boys over there in the ghan'stan, supposedly goin' all "rogue." ha. from what i've read, sounds like the lads were pretty much just shootin' par for the course. with a not entirely unexpected, if decidedly tart slice on the game.

seems the perturbed band o' brothers got all dark heart tribal, carving up and coveting victim's bones of various sorts, skulls among them. It remains unclear whether these collected bones are the bones of the reported spate of targeted victims, or a more generalized collection of afghan hard parts. very viet-kurtzy, though.

favourite testimony snippet:
"At that time, Staff Sgt. Gibbs had a cloth. He opened it, and three human body fingers fell on the ground. At that point, I kinda lost my head."
-- Corporal Quintal
5th Stryker Brigade
2nd Infantry Division
United States Army

pix are beauties, apparently. won't show the children. too traumatic for such innocent minds as those public ones. best keep 'em that way.

besides, it's those blasted photos of US troops posing and (i'm sure we can imagine) grinning over the Afghan corpses resulting from their super fun house live ammo "shoot the raghead" murder spree that will put the troops in harms way. 'cause otherwise, afghans would never know that US troops are shooting at them in their own country.

emmoh of the lordatheflies guys appears to be methodical targeting of a victim accompanied by planned cover up. followed by miller time. with bones.

'Cause ya know, once you got all methodical like that -- that grenade cover story was some fierce shit dude--whew, well, brother, let me tell ya, it is time to unwind! gets me sum bones!

whaddaya expect when you keep men in war for years on years, grow them addicted to it, jacked fulla red bull and roids? at some point, they will lose it. many have lost it already. take david petreaus for example. he has clearly lost it. mr. foreverwar. face it. he and the rest of the effete puffy war monger mandarins, indeed, much of the corporate state, are now addicted to war. hugely profitable. off your ass.

the system as configured today, sucks taxpayer money and debt money through the pentagon and def-cons to wage war in far away lands and waste it building destructive, worse than useless things. it's what they do. the afghan war is a profit pipe, and a hugely debt collecting waste pipe, waging war in far away lands. In and of themselves, the war pipes "america" runs today are at least as important as any far flung geo-economic-political fantasy pipes. the local citizens on the far end of those profit pipes usually fight their end of it, and usually because they face the effluence uitgang of an always profitable war machine. if anyone on the planet understands the dynamic of imperial war, afghans know it by heart. they are fighting the build-profit-war pipe from their end. why aren't we fighting it from this end?  because all it is on this end is a hate-making-death-and-debt pipe.  about as win-lose as it gets.

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