Monday, February 14, 2011

*hops on*

whew.  quite the stink up  'bout that aaron barr dipshit.  and the chamber and the bank that hired him and claim not to know it. (hey dipshit! we've read the emails.) the beauty of outsourcing blowback all over BofA and the chamber of horrors. yeah, yeah, the corps hired some guns, big news.  the fun comes in the drill down into the ravaging of the barr. sublime and vulgar, just like we like it.

so ol' abarr decides he's going to render unto the law anonymous and other wikileaks supporters, who invariably turn out also to be opponents of the us chamber of horrors.  at the chamber's mighty request.  checkin' into peoples kids, targeting unrelated persons, generalized creepy shit smear diggin'.
New emails reveal that the private spy company investigated the families and children of the Chamber’s political opponents. The apparent spearhead of this project was Aaron Barr, an executive at HB Gary. Barr circulated numerous emails and documents detailing information about political opponents’ children, spouses, and personal lives. One of the targets was Mike Gehrke, a former staffer with Change to Win. Among the information circulated about Gehrke was the specific “Jewish church” he attended and a link to pictures of his wife and two children
ol' abarr also figured he was gonna take down anonymous with his online kungfu chops, and then "sell" the info to the fbi. bragged about it in ft.   abarr works for a "security" company that does big biz wit' d' gubmint.  apparently, such people esteem themselves far too greatly.

aaron barr's twitter page since, well, you can see the date.

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