Tuesday, February 22, 2011


gobsmacking hit on unions in the nyt. just freaking stunning io.  led by none other than one of the up and coming masters of establishment blandishment, a.g.sulzberger, son of a pinch.

so there's lil' soap, slappin' down the oh-so subtle grease on the slide to blaming the unions for the woes of america, using clueless and woeful americans, who have been brow-beaten by the establishment into believing that "“everyone else needs to pinch pennies and give more money to health insurance companies and pay for their own retirement.” no, dear, not "everyone."

seriously. this is how soap chose to portray wisconsin? a brain dead zombie zone of fly-over, corporate mind-fuck america? the real place where real americans know that they "need"  to "give more money to the health insurance companies"?

of course, many americans know full well that they have no such need.  but that is not the point of the soap.  americans must acquire that need.  and other narratives, like, unions "fraying" at the seems; wrecking america.  look at the friction caused by those blasted unions! filling our great and wholesome cheese-head heartland with distemper and distress.  those unions are bad for america.

like any good dipshit agent, soap braids a small nest of discomfiture, one that exposes both the blatant fraud being enacted, and his own lack of diligent reportage, indicating the true nature of the print hit.
Across Wisconsin, residents like Mr. Hahan have fumed in recent years as tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs have vanished, and as some of the state’s best-known corporations have pressured workers to accept benefit cuts.
"thousands of manufacturing jobs have vanished."  imagine that. thousands and thousands and thousands of times again.  and "benefits cuts."  wonder how all that happened?  the collapse of the manufacturing sector of america. used to be the "factory of the world."  this is unimportant.  what is important is that worker attack worker, which, in soap's dire wisconsin, is what is happening, rather than soap pulling on the chain of dupes and tea party stooges sent there on order. the fact that america washed wall street with money; uncounted sums to jpm, goldsacks, foreign banks, swfs, saudi princes, warren buffet. this, too, is unimportant.  what is important is that unions are standing in the way of progress in america! whereby progress is regress for all but a select few.

this is the message from the son of the publisher of the new york fucking shit fuck times:  those unions are bad, "fraying" american communities, and in the way.  that's an interesting message, young soap.  you've learned well amongst your elders.

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