Tuesday, February 1, 2011

our man in al-Qāhira

that long sought bush-fantastic freemanmoxy is finally spreadin' its glorious wings across the arab Muslim world. or, at least, trying to unfurl them.

'magine that. just like ol' george said. gotta give it to him. bush finally got his dream. regimes trembling, droppin'  like flies, or to their knees, hoping a "reshuffling" will save their pampered asses. fun to watch, in the big way. and those ballsy protesters in the 'nisia and Ägypten have been amazing! guys all lined up, takin' that water canon head on. watching american media dipshits focus and fret about "what this means for Israel" has been a funhouse ride in itself.  'stache bolton naturally sees that a democracy in Egypt means ... the "timetable" for the inevitable attack on iran has been sped up.  but, but, the freedom agenda was supposed to bring peace.  more confusion.  in readin' summa his shit, ol' fisk seems apoplectic with glee, spittin' nails at the cops. fuck, he's over there climbin' on the tanks, ferfucksakes. yeehaa! ol' pissed off fisky.  the revolt you've been waiting for.

so, the yanks got their democracy push, though perhaps not quite the vector they had imagined in those glory and yonder years of spreadin' their happy horseshit.  hey, wait a stinkin' minute! freedom and democracy are not supposed to be taking out our guys, whom we will refuse to acknowledge are bad and decidedly undemocratic.  freedom and democracy are supposed to be taking out bad guys we say are bad guys.

this is the trouble with people.  entirely unpredictable.  one just never knows how long one can run rough shod over people and ostentatiously use the nation as a personal cash drawer, before who knows what will set them off?  so hard to know.  ol' georgie figured that invading iraq would set those mighty wings a flappin', go east, democracy.  go east.  not south or west.  our guys thata way.  didn't happen like that though.  but it did happen.  happening right freaking now.  but from and toward entirely the wrong direction.

natch, the usual dipshits are movin' fore, cryin' for that homely staaabiliteee.  suddenly, dipshits who "want democracy" really actually do not fucking want democracy.  at all.  not fer them damn muslims, anyway.  forget that freedom and democracy thing now.  now that the realization has set in that democracy in the "arab world" pretty much means Muslims will rule, well ... yee fuckin yikes!  who the fuck thought that one up?  or didn't "think" that one up at all?  oh.  right.  not sayin' bush here. that democracy excuse came shootin' straight outta the pieholes of Scaife welfare queens at aei or pnac -- those assholes.  can't fault 'em, though.  sounds great when you're selling a war.  don't think of it as war.  think of it as a deep cleanse, followed by dollop of freedom to fill in unsightly pores of wounding oppression. like that.

anyway, all of this is a bit confusing.  bushie said democracy would be good for the arab world.  who doesn't remember that?  and since the "arab world" is chockablock full of muslims, seems the bush dream pretty much meant muslims should have democracy. and that it would be good for them, and good the for world.  'member all that happy horse shit?

and the happy horse shit is exposed once again, as american official response twirls around, searching for the appropriate, rms narrative that appears to lend credence to a belief that the united states government does indeed support democratic reform, while at the same time, does not offend their man in Cairo with calls for ouster, and downplaying american made weapons used against protesters in Egypt. whew. that is one tight rope.  the fall was inevitable.

'course, bush never gave a rat's ass about freedom spreading, or anything else so far as can be discerned*  

and obama?  well, he was supposed to be the change, right?  but, he already showed his stripes with the honduras posture, and honduras was small beans. after honduras, the obama change sham was fully exposed on the fp front.  you just knew he couldn't come out and call for freedom and democracy anywhere authoritarian allies found themselves under popular, democratic assault.   oh no.  no, no.  Obama wears a fine rhetorical sheen, but is nothing but an establishment agent.  hedge 'n haw, like always.  gawd, who isn't tired of watching presidential hedging and  hawing?  tiring and tedious.  is that what "no drama`' means?  hedge and haw?

so, there appears to be no firm us response or position on the situation in cairo.  except the perspicacious omission of calling for mubarak to step down.  Actually, the lack of apparent firm official response more than adequately demonstrates a firm official response -- in favour of Hosni Mubarak.

* -- 'cept brush. bush does have a thing for brush, and the clearing thereof. not sure what that is all about, but he shoulda stayed with that.

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