Saturday, February 19, 2011

by any other name

' member when the name "barack hussein obama" was too weird for america?  still is, really.  the fact that the united states has a president who has a name that does not just merely resemble the obviously islamist phrase, "barack hussein obama," but is exactly equal to it, still blows minds.  it certainly freaked out, freaks out now, the great foxwashed, who, despite all now current and public evidence to the grossly contrary, believe president obama is a nefarious, alien agent of some anti-american --  marxist, islamist, socialist, leninist, stalinist, transgenerational kenyan tribal -- plot, when, in fact, he has done nothing but due service to all things establishment, and extra especially, the big banks -- which actually happen to be nefarious alien agents of some anti-human conspiracy no rational human being fully comprehends.  but they don't have scary names. think bank of credit  and commerce international.  BCCI. harmless.

fear drummed up in a name.

now, we know the tousled few held a money-hound leader election (or whatever the hell passes for an "election" within the gop). mostly this is known because michael steele got the boot.  michael steele was once the gop response to barack obama.  that didn't work out, apparently. now? now, the ballsy election winning response is a launch against abortion, civil rights, public broadcasting, unions, the epa, other regulatory agencies.

so. what are we to make of  the name of the now chairman of the the united states republican party? do you know who this person is or, more pointedly, have you seen this freaking name?   Reince Priebus.

western jerry-rigging is badly askance, faltering.  social orders, resisted and collapsing. an establishment on the brink. somewhere, deep in the heart of the black forest, peeled out of the leaven muck like orcs, teutonic reinforcements are needed on the front lines of civilization. Reince Priebus will lead them.

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