Tuesday, February 8, 2011

soothing global caliphate

some dipshits were on a teevee clip the other day, naturally denigrating the uprising in Egypt.  hooligans and scabrous Islamic riffraff who want to start the caliphate, and that this, this Tunsia-Egypt uprising is just part of "the coming insurrection."  i for one certainly hope ol' beckers is right.  i'd love to be around to see that.

trouble is, that ain't what's happening.  and beck is a dipshit, if not an outright dangerous maniac. adams apple ann was on the dipshit tube, screeching like she does, doorknob movin' around in her neck, that the crowd in Tahrir were "all men!" this was, apparently, proof of the sinister global islamic plot.  other dipshits all looked at one picture.  men.  everywhere.  the prognosis for western civilization was grim indeed, without a steadfast resort to war.

Now, we know these people don't get out much. and when they do, they're well cocooned in a comforting, gauzy prophylactic space, one both opaque to the real environment and reflective of their own pampered, perverted weltanshauung.  which means that adams apple ann probably doesn't look at pictures in the ny times much.

dipshits. it's just the cold war for them, all over again.  they're excited about it really.  you can tell.  they've been pining for an Evil Empire for awhile now.  gotta sink into anything while they can.

the conservative dipshits on teevee seem to live for, and hence seek out conspiracies against and enemies of america.  imagine them everywhere.  this is why hitler pops up so often for them.  they want a hitler.  need a hitler.  it's like they are all on a leo strauss iv drip, constantly craving the heathen Other.  the bigger, the better.  wasn't bill clinton hitler to them, at one point?*

*yep.  Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, who compared Clinton to Hitler "for proclaiming the Ironwood Forest Northwest of Tucson as a national monument." i'm sure there are more examples.  in fact, from the same cited paper,
"The only other president that was close to the number of hits received by Bush was Clinton-Hitler analogy, being with about 100,000 fewer hits than Bush-Hitler, ...",
which would put it at about 281,000 times that Clinton was compared to Hitler.

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