Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a quiet bipartisanship

for all the public bluster and fuss stirred up atwixt dems and repubs these oh so many long and shriek filled obama days, can't help but notice upon readin' 'bout some veto that supposedly took place -- didn't seem to cause too much of a fuss -- the gleeful bipartisanship the two parties can muster when it comes to letting the banks run free, free like wind.  like m'ry-ah.

which is obviously why the veto didn't cause too much of a fuss.  no palinesque yowling in the streets, no fox news obama vetoes america! hysteria.  weird.

but not.  cause we know these fucks are thinkin' they're sneaking this under the radar.  unanimous, in both houses of pox.  making a stink about the veto might actually bring attention to the actual bill and what a ratfuck racket the banks could run then!  ack!  can't have that.  and check how well those shambling villains manage to come happily together in the face of the big bank threatening foreclosure  fraud scandal.
In the senate, Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, reportedly sped the bill’s passage last Monday, after being pressed by “constituents,” he told Reuters. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, also a member of the judiciary committee, helped Leahy move the bill to the floor for the vote.
yes, leahy carried one page of the bill, and sessions carried the other.  skipping down the aisle, tossing posies to the throngs of banskter gangsters, i imagine.

oh, and leahy.  go fuck yourself.

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