Saturday, October 23, 2010

shitless shitstorm

The boys are not easily dissuaded from using the same spigot over and over again. I'm sure Mr. Assange will happily oblige, while the New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel will happily perform as channels. Stay tuned for any buildup.
well, we got us some buildup, didn't we? pentagon came out all screamin' meanness: more documents! about Iraq! that wikileaks will destroy us all! something like that.

so, gettin' us all primed up for some good shit, but since we know from the last effort just what that "good shit" will be, we won't, in fact, be getting any good shit at all. expected reams of stuff we already know, mixed in with some psyopy messaging and blame casting. as predicted, the media troughs spill the runoff each in their own preferred direction. take, for example, the New York Times' chosen priority angle on the "leak": a first up slug on iran:
Leaked Reports Detail Iran’s Aid for Iraqi Militias
pentagon's surely quaking that that got out. damn you, Wikileaks!

guanodian's priority take on the leaks was to firstly point out how those lumpen american forces "ignored" torture being conducted by those friggin ... Iraqis! Which the NYT also happens to ladle out with the marvelously titled,
"Detainees Fared Worse in Iraqi Hands, Log says"
and Log no lie. ya see how barbaric those people are? hell, abu ghraib was a breath of fresh air and justice for those folks.

anymore? anything at all actually leak worthy? is it leak worthy to learn that civilians "have borne the brunt of modern warfare"? to recount the reports of many deaths already reported? do we not know this? what this heartless prattle serves is to reaffirm pentagon establishment iraqi casualty figures and to marginalize, if not outright ignore, the far more credible studies suggesting close to a million dead. early on, when initial civilian death estimates were hovering around a hundred thousand, pentagon yowling was fierce. anti-american lefties! we've only whacked thirty thousand, tops. believe or it or not, that was an american discussion at one time.

well, now the pentagon has been wound up the fatality pole, right up there at a hundred thousand. no further. all those "controversial surveys" of civilian deaths in iraq assiduously cast adrift amidst the swirl of a hang out media frenzy about an undiscovered trove of fifteen thousand heretofore "unknown" deaths found in the docs.  Like the last time, the limited hang out serves to legitimize the messaging on iran, and legitimize the blame cast to those dastardly iraqis and their gruesome shit. so, thank gawd we're there!

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