Tuesday, October 12, 2010

talk death cult

dontcha love this arse who got all glen beck whipped, went off to shoot up "people of importance" at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. 'cordin' t' wurldza-wreck-cuzza-theACLU beck, ... well, the world's a wreck because of the ACLU. And the Tides Foundation, whatever the fuck that is. you ever hearda this until now? until beck got some mouth breather all riled up 'bout the Tides and ACLU jewish cabal of global masters' master plan, no one outside the bizarro bubble world of screeching right wing talk radio could tell you what evils Tides had foisted upon the world, or would foist once their villainous plot took hold. they are apparently evil and run the world. yeah. The Tides Foundation and the ehseefukinelleyou. the real bilderburg. had to take 'em out!

debates is all flustered 'bout whether people can be persuaded to violence by mere suggestion. like the mere suggestion the people are susceptible to such persuasion is some sorta newfangled odd ball psycho babble hoohaa. really.

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