Monday, June 21, 2010

twist and shout

Obama continues to amaze as the follow-on Bush, with a typical Democratic twist. For there the White House stood, chastising Tony Hayward for going yacht racing immediately after he "testified" before Congress, and was relieved of daily operational command of GOM. They did this, while simultaneously defending Obama's now Bush-frequent or more golf outings during time of crisis, which seems pretty much constant these days.

And that is the State of America from now on, right? Crisis. I don't see why not. Warnings of this shit, and more, having been hanging around like rotten fruit for years. We've been watching each one go rottten: those crazy-ass religious zealot mujehedeen bastards gettin' all al Qaeda! Who'du thunk it? The thirty years war of full spectrum deregulation? Sweet grease to the wheels of prosperity! A bloated military-societal complex? Safety first! Conglomerating corporate media? Don't worry, you won't hear a thing about it. From aggrandizing political celebrity, politicizing celebrity aggrandizing, to letting the banks do whatever the hell they wanted, and finally, what the hell! let's all let the oil companies do whatever they want, too! This'll be great, this whole opaque, deregulated, accountability free, pull the top down and let that free market baby roar into the beautiful future. What could possibly go wrong?

What we've actually witnessed, in short, is an entirely well-realized effort to retrench back to the fucked times of yore.

The bloated fruit have begun to pop and ooze: all these decades-long causal pathways, each wending way through various veins of the political economy, until finally, they conjoin, in one humongous world-wide, economic/financial, environmental, political, and ideological, and mostly of all, military fuck up. That's what it seems like right now, in the world. This state of the world has been brewing since early seventies, a period of some of the most pivotal decisions that have brought us to this day; the period of long, downward slide by any measure of civil and just society; one deliberately planned to be that way. (There will be much more on this forthcoming.)

Did you know that Tony Hayward had daily operational command of GOM? So, was he the guy ordering secret collection of animal carcasses from gulf coast beaches? All the other shit we know has been going on, or not going on. All that scraggly-ass, fucked up boom, dangling in the marshes like giant, infected, flaccid BP-laid dicks, dry humping the mangroves? is all that you, Tony Hayward? Is that your work?

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