Tuesday, June 1, 2010

gunboat whining

gotta be about the damn funniest thing I've seen in awhile, funny amidst horror, of course. IDF illegally boards a ship in international waters, all spook-op night vision descending from Blackhawks kina crap, right? They kill a few when the boat people attack them. Imagine the nerve! And then, and then, certain stunned IDF soldiers complained that those damned terrorists hit them with, of all things, sticks! Sticks! And kicked them! Oh, the humanity! Rat-tat-tat-tat!!!!! Hopefully, the IDF knows enough so as not to plunk itself down in the midst of a fucking patch of actual adversary.

Fuck. I can't believe the IDF let those guys say that shit; they hit us! with sticks! whaaa! Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, saw video (awesome!), so it's not like you can make up stories or anything, right? Yeah, we all saw that they took a few whacks at ya. But a crack military unit pissing and moaning about being resisted and countered? geesuz aitch fuckin' key riiste! Pa. Thetic.

And then there's the whole You fucks are fucking pirates for fuck sakes angle, which really pisses me off. You pirate-ass muthafuckers deserved to be whacked, and whacked hard. Fuckin' pirates. You know what they're doing to pirates right now? Some are on trial. Others are dead. Like the ones the Ruskies set adrift.

Now, no one in these haar parts is going to imagine that the IDF will suffer either of those fates any time soon. Nonetheless, fellas, please, stop the bitch-ass whinging will ya? Always the fuckin' victim.

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