Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pentagon calling ...

America's militarized culture gets a little injection from the Washington Post, as they bring to light a troubling concern about the turn-over rate of Pentagon brass, what with hordes of them recently getting canned 'n all. Woe is the Pentagon for want of warrior poets. The problem stems, so we're told, from a near socialistic strain that runs through the military.
"Part of the Army's problem is its egalitarianism."
Ponder those words of Col. Don Snider, now teaching leadership at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.. Imagine, the Army has a problem in pushing good officers up the ranks of an hierarchy by not being selective for appropriate skills.

An egalitarian hierarchy? Not really. It just shows that the Pentagon is no different than any other bureaucracy, resulting in bureaucratic suck-ups moving fore. I think we can all agree that that appears to be more than evident.

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