Wednesday, June 30, 2010

burn, muthafucka, burn!, OR, minor police state putsch

hotting up in Miami soon perchance. Will they? those crazy Repubs. You know they want to.
Florida Republican leaders drawing up Arizona-styled anti-immigrant legislation

Florida Republican leaders have begun crafting anti-illegal-immigrant legislation modeled after an Arizona law that has incited widespread protests and fueled national and international debate over U.S. immigration policies.

Under the proposed bill, police would have broad power under state law to ask suspects for proof of legal residency, said Rep. William Snyder, a Republican from Stuart who plans to introduce the legislation in November.

"We have significant components from the Arizona bill that I plan to incorporate," he said. "We have the beginnings of it."

The effort, which would be filed for consideration during the March legislative session, is already drawing broad support within the GOP.
By the way, the Repubs are calling this a "new approach" toward those blasted illegals, and anyone else they happen not to like. NĂ¼-Stasi approach, that is.

We've seen an American city destroyed by indirect Republican action, bitch, now we'll see whether direct Republican action can destroy another one.

Okay, maybe I'm projecting. Perhaps Miami will not burn. Indeed, let's agree that Miami will not burn because of this insane law ... in Florida.

One wonders whether these white bread gopers have ever been to Miami, which is also ... in Florida.

Because, I am having a mighty difficult time imagining where all the cops would come from in order to start pulling a lot of people over, and throwing a lot in jail. In a city like Miami, which is in Florida, may I add, looking suspiciously "illegal" is both everyone and nobody. I cannot imagine such a law as this GOP fascist shitcake going over very well in Miami, or several of the cities in Florida.

Cops already practice open season on the Hispanic and Latino communities. With this new law, should it pass, the cops will then have legal carte blanche to pull over anyone and everyone they chose.

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