Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To gain the world and forfeit your soul

Reading along about how those damnable oil companies "fought off new safety rules" just prior to the big explosion in the Gulf. Yeah, shocking.

I'm not going to go off on a rant about what a bunch of stupid fucking dipshits the oil companies are, but this little clip ought to give everyone a very clear idea about what a bunch of stupid fucking dipshits the oil companies are.

Calling the new rules, they always call new rules designed to rein in at least one of their many foul behavioural vectors, an "unnecessary burden," Oilies conspired to defeat any new safety regulations regarding off shore drilling. One is loathe to wonder, new rules? what would they do? The oilies have been breaking actual rules and laws for decades, and nothing seemed to happen; just as in the mining industry. Of course, production overrode it all:
"there is tremendous pressure to put production first."
First, and only. Or so the clever ones thought.

How's that "production first" priority working out?

Now that production has been put first, there are 11 dead guys and a very fucking expensive rig at the bottom of the fucking Gulf. And, if there is justice in the world, a blizzard of lawsuits will unleash upon your thick, stupid heads, and the insurance companies will fight you fucks forever. Hopefully, your stock plummets amid a legalistic quagmire that will ultimately doom your existence. By all that is proper and just, the load of managers in charge who brought about the carnage ought to be facing manslaughter charges.

I know ... dreams.

Do you jackasses not remember shop class? Safety first. Remember? The reason for "safety first" was that you could get seriously fucked up. Except, when you never turn the lathe, you don't really appreciate what the goddamned thing could do to you.

No, of course they don't remember. They cannot remember. They never took shop class. But if they had, they would have been the ones who got other guys wounded in shop class.

Lurking in the back scenes ... guess who? Halliburton. Yeah. Fucking up the well cap. Which, of course, blew. Proud to be American, those Halliburton guys. Oh yeah, forgot. They shipped out to Dubai. Not so proud then. Ha! my bad.

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