Monday, April 19, 2010

Gitmo Double Down

Though the politically "liberal" intelligentsia don't much fuss about such things, that Obama is doubling down on the Gitmo ploy is fair troubling, indeed. But, given what we've seen so far, it fits the trajectory perfectly.

I've long since given up on Obama as nothing but an establishment stooge -- he is pulling it off brilliantly so far -- passing out little candies to his supporters, like gays can go in the army! gays can have visitation rights at hospital! Woo hoo. Amp up the war in Afghanistan, let the contractors rip, let the banksters run wild, deliver the global missile defense shield, spread Gitmo onto two continents, keep bombing, keep lying, keep spying. Gays, however, can now visit their loved ones in hospital. See how liberal the man is!

Obama's healthcare debacle surely cannot be considered as some liberal move for the people. He did it, so far as I can see, mostly for himself. He couldn't have given a rat's ass during the interminable nonsense that was so blithely labeled "debate," having already cut deals with every blood sucking health care industry player involved. The "public option" was never going to be an option, and he knew this because he cut the deal with hospital industry, way back. Every other public interest nugget was duly carved out, also by deals cut by the White House -- no drug price negotiation, no drug re-importation, ... -- so the White House basically knew what was going to be in the bill long before Congress finally passed something, a something exactly like the White House had cut deals to make.

What a remarkable sham, really. Oh, well, it did get some folks fired up, some got arrested, made at least one idiot a multi-millionaire, got a few congress people threatened, even got a few folks killed, killed by those other folks who'd got fired up, and had not got arrested.

Anyway, back to the troubling Gitmo double down thing, what I find rather remarkable in the current administration's assertion that they, and they alone, can detain anyone forever, is the divine nature of the claim. Of course, Obama does have precedent, which may explain the quietude on the liberal front; such weaklings.

The halcyon core of any nominal system of justice, evidence, is no longer required. For there is no nominal system of justice, only one that serves the political necessities of the moment. Indeed, it is highly likely that a Gitmo detainee will remain in prison precisely because there is no evidence. Even if one is acquitted in a court of law, Obama royally asserts sovereign rule to continue to detain in custody, ad infinitum, one so acquitted.

What law permits this?
No law permits this.
By what means is this then done?
Verily, this is done by the word and the will of Obama.

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