Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the right stuff

readin' on at gupta's sermon 'bout the genetics of the "American Right,", what with them bein' crazy 'n all.  and a damned good thrashing it is.  always love that, a damned good thrashing.  someone else's ass, of course.

so there he's goin' on, yowling away 'bout the "extreme Right," and their hate-filled gobs, pustular and sulfurous as they are.  denies the us is fascist yet fears america is swirling in the vortex of a "proto-fascistic moment" craved by those who seek
"a hierarchical society based on mythologized notions of traditional identity – are allied with a section of capital and are increasingly willing to use violence to achieve their aims.
at this point gupta is speaking on a more parochial level,  those demons seeking all that horrible sounding stuff, but damn if that ain't the best summation of the freaking united states in toto that i have ever seen. marvelously succinct and perfectly accurate. it's certain that gupta worded it in precisely this way as demonstration.

this isn't just the us, of course, but any bloody-minded imperial enterprise. however, the inception of the us as an artifice of this weltanschauung clearly demonstrates that her own self-declared tradition would be to seize by force of arms and armed presence. exceptional and without peer, hatched from outrages against property and a violent womb, america shot forth, quite literally, with a full throttled lust for more, and an altruistic pretext to back it up. with the founding of the country, more was taken.  america begot american westering.  they were "willing to use violence to achieve their aims."

still are, current evidence suggests.  no generalized westering anymore, now.  globalisation fucked that all up.  us stratop vectors are all over the place now -- full spectrum dominance --  arctic, up in space, zippin' in on Colombia, jiggling Chavez, missile defense shields popping up in countries that don't want them, all over the the freaking place. encircle everyone. spooks and milcons cruising around Somalia, Sudan, Congo, this and there, who knows what's going which way?

so, no, there is no longer any generalized march west by the civilising forces of Anglo-Teutonic DNA.  into afghanistan, from the wrong way it must be pointed out, is surely a fool's errand and verily spells doom for such a clearly misdirected Teutonic march of civilisation.  goin' backwards like that.  can't imagine teddy would be at all happy about a Teutonic march headin' off east around the world.  that's wrong, for some reason.  so, that means, it's doomed.  who can argue with that?

ol' guppers goes on to say that he is addressing the "reactionary right," which tends toward suggesting that the policies of the united states of america are those of  a "reactionary right."  which does not seem entirely beyond nominal cognizance.

when you've got a country that has been run by various civilized gentlemen with Teutonic-Aryan race-civilizing mythologies dominating their policy thinking, "reactionary right" seems a tad mild a label.

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