Tuesday, January 4, 2011


ha! the ol big ol' hairy eye balls at the 'gon gone 'n gots themselves a big ol' new hairy eye ball for the 'ghan'stan, some flyin' monster camcorder that can see "an entire town" or "everything," where pentagon rhetoric compresses "everything" into the proximate theatre of operations of a town in afghanistan. big thinking, on small scale, as pee-arr hacks might say.

anyway, this new monster vid-dumper has got the boys all shivery. they will be able to see "everything." and will then blow what they think they don't like the fuck up. the dumbass/mod-tech combo; ripe for killing time.

penta-nowhere-near-gon calls this wondrous addition to the arsenal of ever more cogent lethality the "gorgon stare." well, i must say, that is an improvement over the xtian trending morphology of the us armed forces. pagan references. whew. somewhat of a relief. take that, you xtian fundy mil-infiltratin'fucks.

of course, not really. the american gorgon stare is just the red dot of death and dismemberment, the ocular services of which are rendered unto an entirely unwholesome band of murderous cretins who see themselves as creators.

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