Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nailed it

“Wiping out Bin Laden has been almost 10 years in the making, so it’s really significant,” Ms. Bottum, a retired university professor, said. “I’m convinced he’s nailed the next election.”
electoral success in america. revenge killing; ordering a stealth lethal head shot for a baddie.  the bigger the baddie, the better. more often than not, the baddies were once buddies in one bygone covert era or another.

damn, is it that easy now? just storm some foreign land, shoot a coupla publicized pricks, and it's all yours? announce the lawless revenge killing to the american public, who sickeningly oblige noblesse lawlessness with raucous chorus in the streets, hopped up on blood feud revenge. well, as a campaign strategy, it has its up sides, like a "raucous chorus in the streets, hopped up on blood feud revenge." and there are a lot of baddies around. baddies the us gov says are baddies anyway. the ones that count. obama could just start the baddie assassination march to overwhelming electoral success! like fdr. there'd be a movement to repeal the twenty-second amendment, obama's killing spree would be so popular: the march against the baddies! like against hitler, only badder.

the burp is from the nyt sump pump, smearing ink about obama's post double tap "bump."  it's both a great great victory and the most morbid of reasons to stay vigilant in this persistent war on terror. killed the terror leader, they say, and this is a grand thing, but the terror will remain and may even get worse. revenge, they say. by those crazy muslims.

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