Wednesday, May 11, 2011

boring in on tora

who ain't crappin' themselves at the sight of hosni mubarak gettin' tanked in Tora prison and potentially facing, of all things, a trial in egypt? i figured he'd be on fox news in no time, a middle east expert of the kind fox news likes: authoritarian. whew, missed that one.

is this a feint? real? who knows these days, but if it happens, well, one must conclude that hosni mubarak is seriously, if only recently, unliked by the global elite, which usually manages to cobble together some sort of luxury decampment for those so deposed. even lefty elites get to hang out in some nice digs in zuid africa when the shit hits. so what the hell did hosni do to piss off the world so badly that he is about to face trial for murder and corruption in his own country?  couldn't get his ass into switzerland? given that much of the murder and corruption has been conducted under the auspices of us government aid and approval, what has ol' hosni done to warrant such unprotection from the junta in egypt? poor hosni. defenestrated from the Burj Dubai cocktail party.

was it the seventy billion? what? too much?

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